The 3 Best New Home Photo Storage Devices

Your memory card may be full, but you know life has so much more to offer. The best way to capture your life stories is while you’re already on the go.

Photos are more than just snapshots; they are important memories you can keep for life. They are the reminders of happy times, the reality of change, and the warm and fuzzy feelings you can return to again and again, or whenever you need them the most.

How to Store Your Personal Photos Safely

Estimates show that people upload about 900 billion photos to the Internet in a year, and that number will only increase. Sharing on social networks makes keeping these memories alive even more important.

Sometimes we just don’t have time to scroll through all the photos we’ve taken. We save them to a local photo storage, thinking one day we’ll get around to sorting and filing everything — maybe even sharing albums we’ll soon forget. The problem is that even the best smartphones and cameras can run out of photo storage space.

A moment is all that’s required to lose everything — all those valuable memories you have cherished.

For safety, you should have access to external local storage. If it’s automatically synced to be saved on multiple devices, all the better.

Once you have automatic apps set up, which allow you to save your files and photos on an external storage solution, you’ll be able to free up more space on your camera. This space is especially useful when traveling.

Whether on the cloud or a local storage device, no solution is 100 percent bullet proof. The best way to store photos is to have a backup plan for everything. Below are some of the best photo backup and storage solutions we’ve found that will help keep your personal memories safe and always on hand.

Three Best Ways to Always Have Your Photos Backed Up

1. Western Digital My Cloud Mirror (2nd Gen)


With Western Digital My Cloud Mirror personal cloud storage, your photos are safe on your home network; you don’t have to wonder (or forget) where your data is online. A key perk for this storage solution is that it has no monthly fees.

The My Cloud mobile app is useful for backing up your home-based local photo storage automatically. You can also sync your data across multiple computers at home, which will ...

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