The 3 Best NEW Website Builders that are Free or Cheap (No Coding, Mobile Friendly)

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There are a lot of web design and site building tools out there. Many have been around for quite a long time which has made them stable, if not boring and a bit outdated. If you’re looking for a new way to build a website (or have a website built for you, in one case below), you’ve come to the right place.

With the options outlined below you can build a website for free or for very cheap with no coding (including mobile websites and even apps). The three awesome website builders I’ve listed below take drastically different approaches. One uses artificial intelligence to dynamically build your site, another gives you full control over your site’s design and the last takes the template-driven approach and gives it a new twist.

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The Grid

We’ve had everything from smart phones to smart cars to smart appliances (and just about everything in between now). Things that were previously “dumb” are getting more brains every week now it seems like. Well that can now officially be said about websites and website creators because The Grid marries artificial intelligence with web design. In the service’s own words: “The Grid harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to take everything you throw at it – videos, images, text, urls and more – and automatically shape them into a custom website unique to you. As your needs grow, it evolves with you, effortlessly adapting to your needs.”


The Grid designs your website for you, dynamically, but if you want to do some designing yourself check out Weld. It’s free to use (including a free domain name) but offers upgrade pricing. Weld is super easy to use for designing websites, prototypes and even apps — including mobile optimized websites. In fact, Weld websites look good on iPhones (small phone screens), TVs (large screens) and all screens in-between (tablets, etc.). What I love most about Weld is that you create your own designs; you’re not relying on templates like so many website creators these days.


Free for students, artists and nonprofits and then only $7.95 per month for everyone else, XPRS excels at the template driven approach to website building. Using Polydoms, website creators can build pieces of their website and connect them together a bit like virtual legos: a blog, ecommerce, etc. There are several modern looking templates ready to customize to help you get your website off the ground fast. You can narrow them down by category including landing pages, business, photography, fashion and many more. XPRS makes building WordPress websites simple and intuitive.

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