The 3 Best “Smart” Shavers for Guys (Under $300)

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Today I’m continuing to look at grooming tech (yesterday’s list featured the best electric toothbrushes). More specifically, the best electric shavers (or electric razors, as I know some people call them). There are several companies that make electric shavers but only three that were worthy of this particular list: Braun, Panasonic and Philips.

I left out brands like Remington, Wahl and others because they either seemed too cheap or too “dumb” for my liking (being a tech guy, I like my gadgets as “smart” as possible). I’m pretty sure my first electric razor was actually a Remington — and I do think fondly of it — but now that I’m over 30, I’ve decided to pursue the very best.

To me, the very best means: the best design (looks, ergonomics, mechanics), the best and most-innovative features and the best price (which, for me, is under $300). You can certainly buy more expensive shavers than those listed here, but usually that just means a similar model with a few extra accessories.

This is another gadget category that guys use daily, and while it might be less “high-tech” than others typically featured here on DailyTekk, it definitely falls within our goal of bringing you useful tech products for your everyday life.

Which electric shaver looks like the best to you? Let me know down in the comments!

Braun Series 9


The Braun Series 9 shaver — currently the company’s flagship electric shaver — is very highly rated and recommended on Amazon. I can see why: not only is it sleek and sophisticated, but it’s got 3 interesting cutting elements on it’s head meant to take care of any sort of hair (problematic or otherwise). There’s a trimmer that aligns and cuts hairs that are growing in different directions, a trimmer that aligns and cuts flat-lying hairs and then 2 OptiFoil trimmers which are meant to capture short and/or stubborn hairs. Essentially, this technology is meant to leave no hair untrimmed.

But what good are the cutting elements if they don’t maximize skin contact? That’s why every element moves and flexes independently and why the entire head itself pivots. This means you won’t have to go over areas of your face multiple times which results in a cleaner shave, quicker.

This Braun comes with a cleaning station so your shaver will be “like new” every morning, is 100% waterproof, includes a ...

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