The 3 Best Smartphones Under $400 for Mid-to-Late 2016

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Despite what you might be inclined to think there are actually some truly excellent smartphones for under $400 (in this article I narrowed down the options to my top 3). You can call the phones I’ve selected in this article “budget” or call them “affordable” but just don’t call them “lame.”

So what makes a phone a “budget” phone? Well, basically, budget phones are simply cheaper and more affordable. But does buying a budget phone mean you have to compromise when it comes to features and looks? The answer is increasingly no (although there are certainly cheap phones out there which are definitely low-quality). See, in recent years as component prices have dropped and as phones have become more and more commoditized, several manufacturers have been pushing the limits of what a less expensive phone can do — and the results are pretty amazing. To me, a good budget phone falls somewhere between flagship (top-of-the-line) and low-end smartphones.

That said, let’s be clear about what you will and won’t be missing out on when you’re shopping for a budget smartphone. A budget smartphone isn’t going to give you a bleeding-edge camera, the highest storage or, in some cases, the very latest industrial design (how the phone physically looks). But at the same time you won’t be skimping on things like app selection and you’ll still get a very usable camera and processor (the chip inside your phone that largely determines how fast or slow your phone operates — and which can have a massive impact on phone usability when it comes to cheaper phones).

Using any of the phones I’ve mentioned below (which are my picks for the top 3 budget smartphones of the second half of 2016) you’ll be able to play your favorite games, launch your favorite apps, take quality mobile photos and, of course, stay in touch with the most important people in your life.

iPhone SE


I’m an iPhone lover and have been since the iPhone 4 (my first iPhone) but one thing is for sure: iPhone’s are incredibly expensive. At least they used to be (and most still are). But that notion changed with the release of the iPhone SE which costs nearly half the price of a flagship iPhone model (check price on Amazon). With the iPhone SE you’re essentially getting an iPhone 6S on the inside with an older phone body ...

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