The 4 Best NEW Routers (that are Fast, Easy and Reliable)

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Routers are boring, right? They’re little ugly boxes that we try to hide out of sight (but not too far out of sight in case we need to reset them). But actually, routers really make our world’s turn. Without them it would be a lot harder to watch Netflix or Hulu, our smart thermostats wouldn’t be able to function and we could forget about wireless online gaming from our phones or consoles.

Now if you’re thinking about getting a new router, you’re probably going to end up searching for “the best” new routers you can find. Okay, well that could mean a couple different things. If you’re looking for a router that works the best that’s one thing (and very important). Alternatively, you might be interested in a router with the best truly new features (rather than one that makes incremental improvements). While I plan on writing a roundup of the best routers (in terms of speed, reliability and traditional features) in the next several days (stay tuned), today’s post is going to feature new routers that are actually pushing the envelope forward in terms of functionality.

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I think this is a really interesting time to be buying a router. It wasn’t long ago that dual band routers were touted as all the rage. The reasoning made perfect sense: an extra lane for internet traffic would prevent network congestion. Today, top outlets like CNET say that tri-band routers are likely overkill for most people. But that is where I must disagree.

I have a new tri-band router en route to my house today (as it turns out). It’s replacing an older router that my family used for more than five years! If that’s any indication of how long this new router will be in service, I wanted to future proof my digital lifestyle as much as possible. Whereas today a tri-band router might seem like overkill for many households, I doubt it will for long. In the last few years my house (and probably yours) has added MANY new internet-connected (i.e. smart) devices. Phones, tablets, TVs, security systems, watches, baby monitors… the list goes on. And I plan on adding many more. As my neighbors do the same, it’s going to get awfully congested on all bands once again: hence my purchase of a tri-band router.

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