The 4 best smart home remote controls

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What’s the best smart home remote? I’m glad you asked. It’s early enough, still, that there are really only a few options to choose from. That said, the existing options are all REALLY cool! In this article I’ll discuss the three best physical smart home remotes (each of which has a touchscreen, by the way) and the best app remote for smart homes (actually, a couple of the remotes I talk about here also have accompanying apps). But first, let’s briefly talk about the smart home landscape.

Wondering what you can control in your smart home? The most popular smart home applications include controlling lighting and temperature. But that’s really just the tip of the smart home iceberg. You can also control cameras and security systems, locks, sensors, window shades, your home theater and entertainment setup and even your sprinkler system. In the coming months and years this list will continue to expand (fairly rapidly, I would guess).

More specifically (but don’t consider this a comprehensive list), you can control: Nest products, Ecobee products, Sonos products, the new Apple TV, Roku products, Philips Hue products, cable boxes and satellite systems, the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Playstation 4 (and 3) and the Nintendo Wii. There are so many smart home devices I actually don’t fee like listing them all here (ha).

Alright, let’s get into the best smart home remotes.


NEEO ($339)


The NEEO remote (which is actually a system that consists of the remote itself and “the Brain”, or hub) is an aluminum smart home remote that features a 291 ppi (pixels per inch) touchscreen (which is higher resolution than a Retina iPad). Unlike the Logitech Harmony Elite remote below, this smart home remote features a very minimal button layout. One really cool feature is the hand recognition technology which allows for individual user profiles and specific parental controls. The touchscreen measures 3″ diagonally, is fingerprint resistant and features an ultra-thin bezel.

What I really like about the NEEO is the ability to use recipes, or sets of instructions, to automate your home and routine. For instance, you could program a morning recipe that turns on the lights in the kitchen, but not all the way, begins playing a favorite playlist and heats up the bathroom. Or you can use recipes for more security minded operations such as turning on the lights if there’s motion detected in the ...

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