The 5 Best Android Phones You Can Buy NOW (2015)

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Doesn’t it seem like a bunch of new Android phones are announced every month? I know… there are a LOT to choose from. But which are the best? It can be hard to choose: do you go with the phone that has the biggest marketing budget? Speaking of budgets, is it alright to go with a cheaper Android phone? IS there a cheaper Android phone that doesn’t suck (see Moto X below for an answer)?

And with so many Android phones, what really sets one apart from another? Well, in many cases is basically comes down to three things: looks, how you feel about a brand and “little extras” companies have thrown in to try to differentiate their product from the herd. In the end, a few extra megapixels in the camera or a slightly faster processor doesn’t really make THAT much of a difference… good battery life, however, is a big deal. So if you’re looking for a narrowed-down list of the best Android phones that are currently available to choose from, here’s where you should start…

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HTC One M9


Lets start with the camera: the HTC One M9 boasts a 20 megapixel rear-facing camera—that’s actually 4 more than the Galaxy S6 Edge. The camera also lets you create Split Captures, use your voice to take selfies and even has a “live makeup” feature. Another standout feature: the M9’s sound. HTC partnered with Dolby to recreate the 5.1 surround sound experience on mobile for a more “cinematic” experience. This phone’s software experience is somewhat customizable; it’s one of the features HTC is pushing to make it feel different from the scores of other Android devices on the market. To that end, they have included an app called HTC Themes which creates entire themes using the colors/feel of uploaded photos.

Motorola Moto X


Motorola has positioned the Moto X to be the phone that you can choose how it looks and how it works. Regular DailyTekk readers know that I’m keen on customization and the Moto X can be customized from the inside out. Want real wood or leather? You got it. You can choose things like metal accents and colors as well. You can even add a custom laser-etched signature. The Moto X runs an unadulterated version of Android (the latest version)—meaning it hasn’t been skinned (as the HTC One above). Another cool feature? The ability to launch the camera with “a twist of the wrist.” Perhaps the greatest feature of this phone is the fact that you can get it for $.99 with a two-year contract.



The LG G3 has a different take on security. If you’re sick of the standard 4-digit pin unlock method most phones employ, you might like this phone’s knock code method which lets you tap out a unique patterns anywhere on the screen. The LG G3 offers some interesting camera features: laser auto-focus, gesture-based shutter control and “Magic Focus” which helps users get a better depth of field effect.  And if you’re planning on taking LOTS of photos, you’ll appreciate that the LG G3 is expandable up to 2TB via the microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


What sets the Galaxy S6 Edge apart from other Android (not to mention iOS) devices is it’s dual edge display. Whether that is a good, bad or “meh” thing I will leave up to you. You can use the edges to store favorite people/numbers or get unique notifications while the phone is laying flat (for when it’s on your nightstand and you’re in bed, perhaps?). Of all current Samsung phones, the Galaxy S 6 Edge features the brightest screen. Another way this phone distinguishes itself from it’s Apple counterparts is it’s built-in wireless charging capabilities. This phone also features the fastest processor Samsung has ever stuck in a phone: the Exynos 7420 Octa-core 64-bit processor.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


The Galaxy Note Edge is more phablety and less edgy than the Galaxy S6 Edge—it’s got a larger screen and only has one viewable “edge.” The big difference here—between this phone and any other listed in this article—is that it comes with a stylus; the “Advanced S Pen.” If you’re into multitasking you’ll probably like the ability to use the split-window mode to see two apps at once. This phone charges quickly: you can get a 50% charge in just 30 minutes.

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