The 5 Best Apple Watch Apps So Far

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Well that didn’t take long: there are already over 3,500 Apple Watch apps available. Considering the device has only been on the wrists of consumers for around two months at the most at this point, that’s pretty impressive. Of course Apple’s built-in apps are all stellar. I particularly love the activity app with it’s colorful, informative rings. But what are the best, most essential third party Apple Watch apps that you should consider downloading?

Well I’ve chosen five of my personal favorites below. Of course this is purely opinion, and everyone will find different apps useful or cool based on their own interests, work and routines, but I tried to select some apps that could be pretty much liked by anyone.

That said, I only chose apps with good Glances (Glances are like peeks into apps that can be pulled up from the default watch screen). I did this because the Apple Watch is all about micro interactions. When you just need a Glimpse of something you look at your watch. When you need to see more or do more you head for your iPhone or MacBook (or whatever devices you use).

As a side note, there are other apps that I wanted to like but just don’t (yet): Twitter and Slice come to mind first. Slice, an app that tracks deliveries and monitors past purchases for price drops, is just plain inaccurate on my Apple Watch. If the info it showed me were more up to date I’d really be enjoying it right now. And Twitter is just too limited. Actually, I don’t mind it being limited technologically, but I wish I could choose what limited info I could see (like Tweets mentioning my account for instance, rather than just top trends or my firehose of a timeline).

Finally, there are other great apps that I love and would have liked to include here but just couldn’t. Since I’m trying to create a list I think a broad amount of people will enjoy, I had to exclude apps like Automatic. Automatic is a gadget, actually, that plugs into your car and lets you access the info contained therein. It’s great for tracking mileage for expense reports, helping you save gas by driving smarter and has plenty of other interesting features. Unfortunately, I didn’t think enough people would have that piece of hardware to make the app a good ...

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