The 5 Best Battery Cases For iPhone Available NOW (2015)

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Everyday iPhone power-users kill their battery long before they would like it to die. Now there are nearly 20 iPhone battery cases out in the wild that can charge your favorite gadget up when you’re out and about (and that’s just that I know of)—the problem is, most iPhone battery cases are MAJORLY ugly. Like, dang.

And while other tech sites are out testing which battery pack can provide the most juice, here at DailyTekk style matters. Power is power—we’re not going to split hairs over a bit of additional charge here or there. Ya, the battery cases listed here still aren’t the best looking iPhone cases on the market (click here to see some cases that look really great), but they do look better than a bunch of other iPhone battery cases. Some even have a surprising extra feature or two you’re really going to enjoy.


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.35.59 AM

First up is the Boostcase for iPhone which, ingeniously, features a two-part solution to the battery case conundrum. Rather than forcing you to carry around a whopping extra battery strapped to your iPhone all day long, this case gives you the option. It features an inner case (sans battery) that the extra batter portion can fit over when needed. The Boostcase will give your iPhone over 100% additional charge and you can toggle the extra battery on or off with a dedicated switch.


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.36.58 AM

The Tylt Energi for iPhone, like the Boostcase above, also features an inner case/outer case design. In terms of battery boost, the Energi will give you an additional 120% charge. One nice feature that should be pointed out is that the Energi automatically stops charging once your iPhone battery reaches 100%. I like the fact that you can check the battery level.


Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.37.42 AM

The Lenmar Maven for iPhone is pretty straightforward in terms of a battery case; and, like most battery cases, I don’t really love the bulkiness on the back or bottom of the case. That said, I do appreciate the built in speaker optimization—if you’re going to put a huge case on your phone, you might as well still be able to hear music and calls made on speakerphone as clearly as possible. With this case you’ll get 110% additional charge.

Anker Ultra Slim

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.38.18 AM

The Anker Ultra Slim Extended Battery Case for iPhone has a very similar design to many iPhone battery cases; it’s got two parts that fit together to (Mophie-style) to wrap your phone in protection and extra power. It’s also got the, somewhat standardized, charge indicator lights. But at 140% additional charge, the Anker Ultra Slim is also probably the best battery case for iPhone 6 just in terms of charge capacity and reliability.

Juice Pack Air

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 10.38.50 AM

And I’ll wrap this list up with the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone. Mophie is the first battery case manufacturer that I can remember. I’ve owned several Mophie Juice Packs and they tend to work well. The Juice Pack Air is a slimmer version of the regular old Juice Pack, so you won’t get as much of an extra charge but you will get a slimmer overall phone/case combo—and that counts for a lot in my book. Even though the Air is slimmer, you’ll still wind up with over 100% additional charge.

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