The 5 best cheap 4K TVs under $500

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Sometime last year I began filming all the movies on DailyTekk’s YouTube channel in 4K. That’s actually a pretty profound statement for you because 4K content is proliferating. At the same time that 4K TV prices are already becoming very affordable, 4K cameras are getting cheaper as well: to the point that even YouTubers are making videos in Ultra-High Definition (UHD). That’s great news because the 4K ecosystem is really coming together — there is more and more UHD content available everyday (obliterating one reason so many people have decided not to upgrade their TV to 4K yet) and 4K TV prices are no longer out of reach.

Frankly, when I began researching for this article I wasn’t sure there would be any decent 4K TV options under $500 (much less under $1,000). I was incredibly surprised, to say the least, to discover some 4K TVs on Amazon for under $300! Now you have to understand that this budget segment of 4K TVs isn’t seeing major competition from big brands you know (and perhaps trust) like Philips, LG, Panasonic, Sony or Sharp, for instance, but that’s alright. Those are the companies that are making the best of the best TVs — you know, the ones you probably can’t afford if you’re reading this article. But there are at least two familiar manufacturers with an entry or two in this price range: Samsung and Vizio.

So what are some of the tradeoffs of buying a sub $500 4K TV vs one that costs over $1,000? Well in order to get the price down so low, you’re not going to see any specialty features. For instance, on a more expensive Samsung 4K TV you’ll find features like a curved screen, advanced Smart TV features, more vibrant colors, UHD dimming for greater picture clarity, UHD upscaling, depth enhancement, glare minimization, a faster processor for snappier performance and, of course, a better, “cooler”, remote. But if all you want is that 4K picture, there’s no reason why you can’t be happy with a much more affordable budget 4K TV (like those I’ve listed below).

Seiki SE42UMS 42-Inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV


The Seiki SE42UMS is a 42″ 4K TV that only costs $329.99 (marked down from $899.99). It’s not a Smart TV, but it will upscale non-UHD content to 4K, which is great. And if you upgrade the firmware, you’ll be able to ...

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