The 5 best, funniest tech pranks to pull on your friends

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Whether you’re in college and need a laugh at the expense of your roommate or are a YouTuber looking for a new prank to pull on your channel, here are 5 hilarious pranks you can pull on someone for a great reaction (plus a few bonus pranks just for good measure).

The thing is, people are protective of the technology in their lives — probably because their lives run on technology more than ever. If something goes wrong with a person’s phone or laptop it feels like the world is over. Seeing an error message on a screen, for instance, is like seeing a year or two or three’s worth of work, photos, texts… in short, it’s devastating.

Let me know which of the pranks below you plan on pulling on your friends and which one looks like the best (and funniest). And leave me a comment with any fun tech pranks you know about too!

Fake Update

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.36.58 AMThis prank is enough to drive anyone mad. We all know one of the most annoying things in the world is waiting for your computer to update. Well know you can make your friends computer (Windows or Mac) appear to update… indefinitely thanks to Fake Update. Just go to the website, select the fake update you’d like to troll your friend with and make it full-screen. If you (or they) start typing around on the keyboard and hit enter, it will even show the “blue screen of death” or a kernel error. Hilariously, the Mac “update” progress bar even appears to go backwards after a few minutes!

Hacker Typer

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.37.23 AM

Hacker Typer is just funny and doesn’t really do any damage to your friends or their devices (but maybe their ego once they find out you’re really a super-smart hacker). All it is is a website that loads black with a blank cursor, ready for you to “hack”. Once you start typing on your keyboard (doesn’t matter what keys), green code will start typing on the screen — and pretty quickly. The effect is pretty cool. Imagine waiting for your friend to come in and acting like you didn’t hear them… or you could do this on their computer for a different effect. Or better yet, threaten to hack them and then… make it look like you actually are.


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.37.38 AM

Threads lets you craft fake iMessage conversations “with” anyone. So you could suddenly “know” the President or be friends with a famous athlete or… anything your crazy mind can dream up. Make your parents think they told you something they didn’t, make your roommate think they owe you money, make your kids think they agreed to give up their phone for a month… the possibilities are endless.

Clone Zone

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.37.53 AM

Clone Zone lets you edit websites to make them appear however you want and then share them with your friends. This is your chance to win the Nobel Peace Prize or get drafted to the NFL. This is your chance to show your friends the news coverage of their car being vandalized or you winning the lotto. You can change/replace any text or photos on any website (though some work better than others). News articles and blogs work the best.

Like Creeper

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 6.38.05 AM

Like Creeper is either going to be hilarious… or weird. Either way, it lets you randomly like your friend’s old Instagram photos. So ya… your friends will definitely freak out and wonder what the heck you’re doing.

Bonus Pranks

  • Pug-a-day – Send a friend 90 days of pug pics via email.
  • Joker Greeting Cards – Musical greeting cards that never stop playing.
  • Fake Checkin – Make it appear like you’ve been anywhere (and everywhere).
  • Shove – Force open any website in your friend’s Chrome browser.

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