The 5 Best NEW Coupon and Money Saving Apps, Sites and Services

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Ready to save TONS of money? Easily and with as little effort as possible? Well prepare yourself for some NEW coupon and money saving apps, sites and services. Seriously. When I say NEW I mean NEW. As in nothing you’ve likely heard of before. No RetailMeNot, no Groupon, no Shopular, no Coupon Sherpa, no SlickDeals, etc. Not that I have anything against them — they’ve just been around for awhile.

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Paribus: Automatic Money Back

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We all know that stores guarantee money back when prices fall. But you need to ask AND you have to know when prices drop. And that’s the thing: nobody has time to monitor that stuff and asking can be a hassle. Paribus is a new service that handles everything I just mentioned for you automatically! Saving money literally could not be any easier than this. I really love the novel approach and it’s safe to say you’d be crazy NOT to use this service, especially since it’s FREE!

Honey: Automatic Coupons

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Honey is a browser extension that’s right up there with Paribus in terms of saving you money with little to no effort. It works by automatically finding applicable coupons for you right at checkout. All you have to do is load up your online shopping cart and Honey scours the web looking for the best coupons for your items. That means you don’t have to pause your shopping experience to go search various coupon sites, copy and paste a coupon (if you’re lucky enough to find one that works), switch tabs, etc. With Honey, it’s all done for you quickly and conveniently. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want this.

PriceJump: Lowest Price Finder

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Amazon has low prices. We all know this. But do they always have the lowest prices? The answer is (perhaps surprisingly to many of us) no! A new tool from called PriceJump will help you automatically find the absolute lowest price available, whether online or off. You can use it as an app or as a browser extension — or both. This would be particularly useful when you’re shopping in a brick and mortar store and you want to know if you can find a better deal elsewhere. Just scan the barcode and save money. If there’s ...

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