The 5 Best NEW Electric Bikes: Innovation Meets Style and Performance

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I’m really into electric transportation. I love electric skateboards and electric cars (especially that brand new Tesla Model X electric SUV!) and, thanks to creating this post, I’m starting to think I love electric bikes as well (though I’m yet to actually review one: hopefully soon). There’s some really cool technology packed into these electric rides and after the mega popularity our articles about electric skateboards have been experiencing, we knew it was time to show you some of the best NEW electric bikes on the market. Electric bikes have been around for awhile, but these new models have to be innovative to stand-out; and so they are. From the jaw-dropping to the stylish to the rugged to the affordable, there’s a new electric bike here for everyone.

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Gi FlyBike


We features the Gi FlyBike just last Friday in our roundup of the 10 best new gadgets, apps and startups of the week and we’re featuring it again here because, well, we really, really like the idea. The Gi FlyBike isn’t JUST an electric bicycle; it’s foldable!! I’m a huge fan of the sleek, modern/futuristic design and the fact that it comes with an awesome-looking app that lets you control lights and locking and has GPS and social features baked-in as well. You’ll get a 40 miles of assistance per charge, the capability to charge your cell phone while you pedal (seriously), a smart lock that automatically unlocks when you are within 10 feet of the bike, anti-puncture tires and many, many other cool features. Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $1,990.

Faraday Bikes Porteur S


The Faraday Bikes Porteur S is a fashionable, sophisticated and cultured electric bike that will appeal to just about everyone. It’s less expensive than Faraday Bikes’ flagship, the Porteur, but still packs some excellent features into a non-weird design which, as it turns out, is quite important in the world of electric bikes. For $2,799 you’ll get a 240Wh battery which can take you 20 miles (pedal assisted), a 5-speed internally geared hub, Avid disc brakes, a dual kickstand and an integrated headlight. There’s also an E-Ink display and the option to attach cargo racks to the front or rear. All this and it weighs in a just 39 pounds.



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