The 5 Best NEW Electric Vehicles (4 Stunning Tesla Alternatives & Competitors)

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Technology is driving us toward a cleaner future. And that future looks good if this article teaches us anything. Tesla is, at the moment (and for the foreseeable near to medium term future) the undisputed king of electric vehicles. It’s a pioneer and respected car companies like Porsche, Audio, BMW and Mercedes are all playing catch up. But you know what they say: you don’t want to corner a bear. As you’ll see below, these same car companies are taking off the gloves and coming out swinging; they’re bringing their years of design and manufacturing experience to the table in an effort to produce products that are worthy of competing with Tesla’s lineup.

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Reigning Champ: Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S has been stunning consumers and critics for years. And thanks to incredible features like zero-emissions, an all-wheel drive dual motor setup and an incredibly awesome autopilot mode, the Model S is also stunning/sparking competitors. I remember when the Model S first came out there were (of course) plenty of doubters. Now it looks like the rest of the auto world is starting to take note; and take the electric market a bit more seriously.

Porsche Mission E


Look at this amazing, beautiful car. The Tesla Model S is sleek and gorgeous, but without a doubt the Porsche Mission E concept is the more drool-worthy of the two. Yes, I said concept. BUT the word is that the Mission E will become a reality at some point — Porsche doesn’t have any other sticks in the fire, so to speak, when it comes to battling Tesla. 600 horsepower… yum.

Audi E-Tron Quattro Concept


Within a few years Audi is expected by many to release a production version of this e-tron quattro electric SUV concept. We don’t know a ton of details at this point, but this appears to be a direct shot across the bow of the Tesla Model X electric SUV. What we do know is that this vehicle should have a range of around 310 miles.

BMW i5

Image with BMW i3 Concept side
Image with BMW i3 Concept side

So there’s a new BMW i5 plugin hybrid in the works. No, it’s not all electric like BMW’s already beautiful i8. It’s more like a Prius which uses both gas and electricity to ...

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