The 5 Best NEW Places To Register The Perfect Domain Name

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You’re not still using GoDaddy to search for domain names—are you? Oh, that’s embarrassing. You definitely need to check out these 5 new ways to register a better domain name. Having the right domain name can give you a major edge. It affects your image and branding and may even be the very reason you pick a certain name for your company. That’s a lot of pressure and if you don’t want to get stuck with a domain name you might regret, you’ve got to know where to go to do your homework. And while I love my own domain registrar Hover (I’ve been using them for a few years now) and have been especially tempted of late to check out Domaintower (or even Google Domains), it never hurts to see what else is out there. These 5 domain services/tools will help you find the perfect domain name (whether for personal use or for your business).

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Yes, the name is odd, but Panabee is one of my favorite domain registration services for one MAJOR reason: they won’t steal your domain name ideas. If you’re inexperienced let me clue you in: some domain companies (some large ones) will actually register names you check within a matter of seconds or minutes if you don’t buy right away. Not Panabee though; oh, and the design is excellent as is the suggestions feature (name generator) when your dream domain is already taken.

Dictionary Domains

If you are looking for something clean and simple—this may be your best bet. Dictionary Domains will help you find a domain in the style of {word}.{tld} (tld stands for top-level domain; like .com for instance). There are some real gems here. For instance, just looking over the homepage (as of today) I see: and

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search doesn’t have the best design I’ve ever seen, but when I tested it out with a test phrase I was impressed with the results. Lean Domain Search says it’s out to eliminate the hassle and expense of searching for a domain—if that sounds good to you, go ahead and give this one a try.

Short Domain Search

Want a really short domain name—like 3 letters short? No, they aren’t all taken like you may have thought. That’s where Short Domain Search comes into play. The site lists the best short domain names (refreshes every 10 minutes) and also lets you search for your own ideas.


Last—but not even close to least—is Domainr. Domainr is great at finding the diamonds in the rough (yes, I got that from Aladdin). A few domains I saw today as I looked at the site included:, and DO NOT end your domain search without first checking Domainr.

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