The 5 Best Skate Helmets

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Helmet is an essential protective equipment for skateboard playing. Wearing helmet can avoid head injuries while enjoy the skateboarding. However how to choose the right one with so many helmet brands in the market? Actually, most skateboard helmets have the same features like impact resistance, great ventilation and adjustable system. Just choose a best suitable one according to your own need. For example, If you pursue a cost effective product, JBM helmet is the best choice for saving money. But if you are trying some more difficult skateboarding tricks, the high quality PROTEC original classic skate helmet seems to be better even though it is more expensive. If you want to wear comfortable, just go with triple 8 brainsaver rubber helmet. Here is a list of best skateboard helmets which may help you to make the best decision:

Triple 8 Brainsaver Rubber Helmet:Unique technology for super experience


The renown one of the best multi-impact helmets available. The classic skate side cut helmet design makes it special for skating activities such as skateboarding, inline and roller skating , roller derby, and scooters. Triple 8 has its own tech team which developed patented sweatsaver liner that could absorb the sweat produced during sports activities. So you have no need to worry your helmet may smell bad after a long time use. It will always stay dry and clear. What’s more import, a 360° wrap around design so that there is absolutely no liner separation. Wearing this helmet with advanced material and technology will give you a super comfortable skateboarding experience.

PROTEC Original Classic Skate Helmet:Old brand for quality guarantee


This classic skate helmet is from Protec original which has been belonging to Vans and backed by four decades of protective gear design, the quality is guaranteed. So you will never worry not getting the best and safest product in this niche. Just like this classic skate helmet, its two-stage soft foam liner with Dri-Lex moisture wicking material allows it rebounds to its original shape after low impacts. This feature not only help protect your head from hurt during crash, but also give you a prolong usage. It is certain that the price of this product is more expensive while comparing to helmets of other brands. It is more suitable for those who are trying some difficult skateboarding tricks.

JBM Helmet for Multi-Sport: Money Saver with all function you need


Comparing to helmets of other brands, JBM helmet is more cost effective. Firstly it has all the function you need, especially the anti-shock function. It use excellent quality tough and durable material and EPS foam liner to protect the head from direct impact and cushion the external pressure during crash. In addition, the special aerodynamic design of multiple vents allow air go through the helmet and the breathable EPS foam would reduce sweating and keep cool during hot days. Moreover, you could buy JBM helmet on amazon at a reasonable and affordable price. In short, JBM helmet save your money while save your head. I think this is the reason why it is widely welcomed during skateboarding lovers including both the new learners and those advancers.

Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet:Dual certified to be reliable   


Bell fraction helmet is suitable for multi sports such as skateboarding, cruising, BMX street, dirt bike and other extreme sports. It is dual certified to meet both the CPSC bicycle safety standard and ASTM 1492 skate standard. As constructed with an ABS hard-plastic shell and a dual-density EPS liner, this helmet could absorb the impact during crash and effectively protect your head from getting hurt. Besides, the design of 12 vents allow cool air in and warm air out, which increase the ventilation and give you a totally comfortable wearing experience.

Razor V-17 Adult Multi-Sport Helmet: 17 vents keep cool at all times


Razor V-17 Adult helmet is a cool head safety protector for skateboarding and biking activities. Firstly the fashion cutting-edge designing make it look cool. If you are the person who pursue fashion and cool feeling, you will definitely love this helmet. Second, it has 17 vents on the top and side to allow air to go through. The great ventilation will let your head keep cool after long time skateboarding or bike riding on hot days. Besides, it adopts ergonomic interior padding which increase the comfort and secure degree. There are also release buckles on the side for you to adjust and fasten straps easily and quickly. This helmet also meet CPSC standards.

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