The 5 Best SoundCloud Apps and Services to Find and Enjoy the Best New Music

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Looking for the best (new) SoundCloud accounts? Or maybe a great SoundCloud app for your computer so you don’t have to have your browser open all the time — or the best SoundCloud app for iOS (hint: it’s not made by SoundCloud)?

SoundCloud is quickly becoming one of the best music services on the planet. That’s because it’s so unique. It’s not like Spotify or Apple Music or Tidal or any other subscription music service (in fact, it makes an excellent alternative to all of those just mentioned if you’re not into their mainstream-iness). With SoundCloud you’re able to discover some of the worlds best indie music as well of some “hidden” tracks from big artist you might not get anywhere else.

So what could be better than experiencing SoundCloud in exciting new ways? Well that’s exactly what we’re serving up in this list post. Enjoy! And if there’s anything we might have missed that you feel deserves to be here, just leave us a comment to let us know. SoundCloud + Spotify + YouTube

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SoundCloud is amazing but it doesn’t have music from all of your favorite artists (yet anyways). combines the awesomeness that is SoundCloud with music from Spotify and YouTube to give you one universal playlist with the absolute biggest, best selection of music you can find. It’s a great way to discover new and trending music including the best SoundCloud remixes and leaks.

DRRROPS: SoundCloud but focused on Comments

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One of the best things about SoundCloud is the community. It’s awesome to be able to see what other passionate music fans think about your favorite (and least favorite) songs… down to the very second worth commenting about. But reading comments on SoundCloud isn’t as straightforward as it could be, apparently, because DRRROPS had to come along and put the comments front and center. It’s a cool experience: search for an artist or track, click on it to start playing and then watch as the comments play along in huge letters in the middle of your screen to the music. It’s simple and straightforward — and that’s why it’s so great.

SoundMate: A SoundCloud App for Mac

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What if you could turn SoundCloud into a very light version of iTunes? Okay, not iTunes per se (everyone hates iTunes right now!) but a native SoundCloud music app for your Mac. Well then you’d have SoundMate. SoundMate gives you the full SoundCloud experience but lets you control your best music finds from your Mac’s task bar and using the media keys on your Apple keyboard. How cool is that?!

SoundCloud Wall: A Cool Way to Discover New Music

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Okay, so the three SoundCloud enhancements I’ve listed already have more to do with playing music you already know about than finding new music. SoundCloud Wall, on the other hand, is all about music discovery. It’s name will make a lot of sense once you see it’s design; there’s a grid of some new songs to listen to plus a search field where you can find the best new music by genre, etc. When you see something you think looks interesting just hover over it to start playing.

NOISESUPPLY: Pandora for SoundCloud

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Pandora pioneered an entirely new way to listen to music with it’s unique take on radio. Now you can get a Pandora-like experience with music from SoundCloud thanks to NOISESUPPLY. You’ll find that the site has a very minimal interface, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You can search for your favorite artist or song as a starting place or choose from the handy list of genres on the homepage to get you going. So whether you have something more specific in mind or whether you want a more lean-back kind of experience, NOISESUPPLY has you covered either way.

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