The 5 Best Tech Reviewers on YouTube Now (Plus 10 Promising Newer Tech Channels)

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So who are the very best tech reviewers on YouTube (besides DailyTekk, that is – ha)? There are A LOT to choose from ranging from people who just got a fun new gadget they want to share with the world to amateurs to full-time YouTubers. Of course, this list is nothing more than my own opinion (and there some very well-known personalities I haven’t included in my top 5), but these are the top 5 tech YouTubers I personally choose to subscribe to. I’ve organized them here by number of subscribers (from most to least) in order to not play favorites.

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While each of these YouTubers has a super-unique blend of interests, methodologies and personality, they also share some common characteristics which landed them not only a spot on this list but a reserved place in million’s of people’s daily schedule. From respected opinions, to due diligence, to early access, to an unstoppable work ethic to a pure love for what they do (these guys would be doing this even if it didn’t pay the bills), these YouTubers are only going to become ever more important to the way the world chooses what to buy next.

#1 MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

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MKBHD is a one-man tech video production powerhouse. His channel is also the one place millions of fans turn to for trusted tech advice — especially when it comes to new vetting the best new phones. Marques has been making tech videos since before he was in college (he just recently graduated) and the years of honing his production skills have resulted in some seriously polished footage. MKBHD’s videos are in-depth without being too long, clearer than crystal (his camera equipment is probably the nicest used by any YouTuber ever), useful above all and fun to watch. I personally appreciate the fact that making videos seems to be fun for Marques; his passion for making the best content possible really shines through. And that’s why I’m a subscriber: ...

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