The 50 Best Apple TV Apps for News, Entertainment, Videos and More

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Despite some flaws I really do love my Apple TV (see my video review). I currently own two. And I’ve spent a lot of time (too much) searching for the best Apple TV applications. So if you’re looking for a great new Apple TV app it’s safe to say I’ve got your covered with this convenient Apple TV apps list.

I’m not including obvious apps in this list: stock Apple apps like the Movies app or apps everyone and their dog has heard about and expect to be on Apple TV like Netflix or Hulu. I’m only featuring interesting apps that are really well made, super-useful or really entertaining. Unfortunately, among those seemingly obvious apps I won’t be able to include Apple TV Amazon Prime — that still doesn’t exist. Still, at least Sling TV for Apple TV is a huge upgrade from other platforms where it appears (see my Sling TV review).

I’m also not including Apple TV games in this list because I’ll make a separate list of the 50 best Apple TV games. In the meantime, though, feel free to checkout the video I made on the best Apple TV games when the platform was brand new.

It’s been fun watching the new Apple TV evolve as a platform. At first there were very few apps (but still far more than the competing platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast and Smart TVs). The App experience on the Apple TV is the main reason why I love the device. It’s easy to use, rich and rewarding. And there’s no outdoing the selection of Apple TV apps: there’s a ton to choose from (and higher-quality apps as well).

When it comes to apps on the Apple TV, the biggest problem is simply finding the best. The Apple TV App Store is large enough now that it doesn’t show all the apps there are (without searching). Some of the best apps (especially the new ones) can only be found if you know to look for them.

Whether you own an Apple TV for the AirPlay capabilities, because you’re already immersed in the Apple ecosystem, because you love that you can use Siri to interact with your TV or because you just couldn’t help yourself… set your Apple TV to the new black theme (or don’t, I like it though) and prepare to make some new folders to store all your awesome new apps… or, just enjoy.

  1. Hyper – Delivering 10 must-see videos Monday-Friday.
  2. Sling – Better than cable (if you ask me): lots of great TV network content.
  3. Great Big Story – Original storytelling featuring the unexpected and amazing.
  4. Plex – Plex Media Center on the Apple TV.
  5. Haystack TV – A great mix of personalized news clips.
  6. Stryve – One click to a personalized workout video.
  7. Newsy – Re-thinking reporting.
  8. Tastemade – A great mix of food and adventure content.
  9. Channels – Another way to get live TV on your Apple TV.
  10. Twitter – Better on the TV than you might think, especially for live events.
  11. TED – Legendary technology, education and design talks on-demand.
  12. Fancy – Discover and buy amazing things from your TV.
  13. Rheo – A great mix of content from comedy to thought-provoking.
  14. Pluto TV – Alternative, public domain, free and old content.
  15. Beme – See what interesting strangers are doing all around the world.
  16. Rueters TV – Personalized news based on how much time you have to watch.
  17. Grubhub – Order food from your TV — then watch a movie!
  18. Sky Tripping – Relax to stunning aerial films.
  19. Fresco TV – Brief, informative video updates.
  20. Chairish – Home decor and vintage furniture.
  21. Watchup – Redefines your daily news cast on your schedule.
  22. StubHub – A great way to find events on your TV.
  23. Yummly – Reciples matched to your cooking lifestyle.
  24. 500px – Discover beautiful photography on your Apple TV.
  25. Redbull TV – A great selection of original, interesting adventure-themed content.
  26. Stories – Social movie discovery.
  27. Behance – The best high-res creative work.
  28. Redbooth – Business team communication with TV integration.
  29. Vined – Swipe through the most popular Vine videos.
  30. – Nothing worse than vids that won’t stream. See if its your Internet.
  31. Draftly – A beautiful Dribbble client.
  32. Wallscape – See the time and date against awesome photos.
  33. Kitchenbowl – Cooking made rediculously easy.
  34. Fullscreen – Exclusive shows plus movies and more.
  35. Letterboxed – The social network for film lovers on your TV.
  36. Lynda – One of my favorite ways to learn new skills now on the TV.
  37. The Economist Films – Interesting content beyond news.
  38. Infuse – Watch any of your video content on the Apple TV.
  39. Legit – Discover the best TV shows and movies with your friends.
  40. – Your in-home guide to gallery and museum exhibitions worldwide.
  41. Showbooth Player – Play your custom slide shows on your Apple TV.
  42. Kitchen Stories – Enjoy delicious creations from executive chefs.
  43. Screen Junkies – Celebrate your love of TV and movies. Honest Trailers and more!
  44. Kamcord – Live streams from your favorite mobile games.
  45. Livestream – Lots of live streaming events.
  46. Forecast Bar – Put the weather on your TV home scsreen.
  47. Papa Johns – My favorite non-local pizza just got easier to order.
  48. 120 Sports – A new generation’s ESPN: sports highlights, expert analysis and more.
  49. Ticker – Your personal news channel.
  50. Roomstyler – Browse the best room designs from 1000+ contests.

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