The 6 Best 4K Ultra HD TVs for the Ultimate TV, Movie and Gaming Experience (2015)

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If you’re looking for the best new TV you can buy, you’re looking for a 4K Ultra HD TV. 4K Ultra HD TVs have 4x the pixels of 1080p HD which means you’re going to see crystal clear, life-life details that will truly blow you away. Even your older content (like Blu-Rays) will look sensational thanks to the 4K upscaling capabilities of these TVs. If you’re ready to dive in, I’ll help you decide which 4K and TV manufacturer is the best fit for you.

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In this article I strive to outline the best features from 6 excellent 4K TVs that make them stand apart from their counterparts (from Samsung, Sony, Vizio, Sharp, LG and Panasonic). Rather than in-depth TV reviews, I’ve provided a brief overview of the best 4K TVs to give you a sense of what’s out there. I’ve chosen what I feel is the best all-around 4K TVs from the top manufacturers—which is to say these may not be the flagship, top-of-the-line luxury offerings from each manufacturer, but they are excellent choices for “average” consumers. That means that this article contains the best 4K Ultra HD TVs for everyone from the person on a budget (yes, you can get an amazing 4K TV for under $1,000… see below) to the person looking for a bit of luxury and opulence who has $8,000 to spend.

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Vizio P-Series 4K TV


Price: $749.99-$2,499

Incredibly feature-packed at an incredibly low price.

The Vizio P-Series has the amazing ability to have up to 72 active LED zones which intelligently adjust the brightness so that darks and lights are incredibly sharp, deep and pure. Remove unwanted artifacts with Pure Pixel Processing and have your picture adapt to the smallest on-screen detail with Active Pixel Tuning. Get max speed and performance with a 6-core processor. Vizio has included a scaling engine to upscale your 1080p content. And thanks to Vizio’s Internet Apps Plus you’ll have access to 4K content right out of the box. Hardcore gamers will appreciate the high velocity mode which will display game content at 120 frames per second with incredibly low latency. Movie lovers will enjoy the Pure Cinema Engine which adjust it’s frame rate to ...

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