The 60 best new resources for startups and entrepreneurs to try in 2016

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Building and launching a successful startup is NOT as easy as founders talk themselves into thinking it is. It’s HARD! But even though founders tend to be blindly optimistic that doesn’t mean there aren’t resources out there that can make startup up easier (if not more successful). Like a tool that helps you build a viral waiting list. Or a curated resource of the best free startup resources. Or a company that will help you grow as a service. There are seriously so many cool resources, tools, people, directories, services and companies out there just waiting to help.

So here’s the deal with this list: it’s a compilation of the best NEW resources and tools for entrepreneurs and startups from the last 12 months or so that I think you should check out in the coming 12 months or so. So there’s nothing old out outdated here and I think most of these items will be brand new to you (hopefully). It took A LOT of research to compile and curate, but I think it’s a powerful list that will definitely make your life a lot easier.

I don’t care if you are a solopreneur, a team of two or three or a team of 20. I don’t care if you’re funded or not, if you’ve had previous startup experience, if you’re working out of a dank basement or a co-working facility: if you’ve got this list you’ve got help (and it helps to know you’ve got resources — no matter how confident you are). So let me know in the comments what you think should be listed here that isn’t (remember, it has to be NEW, so like in the last 12 months or so) and also let me know what items listed here look the coolest to you!

Editors picks

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  1. Founderfox – An easy, stress-free way to tell your story.
  2. Startup Breeding – AWESOME startup idea generator.
  3. – Ask a VC anything for $20. Proceeds go to charity.
  4. Promotehour – List of places to promote your startup.
  5. vytmn – Growth-as-a-service. Average customer growth = 367%.
  6. Request for Startup – View startup ideas people actually want built.
  7. ProductBoard – Beautiful product dashboard for startups.
  8. How Much to Make an App – Easily figure out the cost.
  9. Refold – A strong, portable cardboard desk you can move frequently.
  10. Pitch Deck – The best communication tool to help you raise money.

50 more useful resources for founders and startup teams:

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  1. Startup Resources – Tightly curated lists of the best startup resources.
  2. FounderSociety – Invite-only organization comprised of ambitions founders.
  3. Paperboy – A collection of articles to help you build your startup.
  4. Ultimate Startup Decision Maker – Should you even startup?
  5. Foresight – Better, faster, easier financial projections.
  6. Venture Assembly – Make better hiring decisions with real market data.
  7. Onboarded – User onboarding as a service.
  8. Hoffice – Cowork out of someone’s home.
  9. Houston – Learn from and engage with your early adopter email list.
  10. Beta Testers Hub – Find early adopters.
  11. Freebie Supply – Awesome free stuff for entrepreneurs and startups.
  12. Stock Up – The best free stock photos all in one place.
  13. HypeQ – A queue of customers before launch.
  14. TheSquareFoot – Answer 4 questions to find the perfect office.
  15. Startup Support – Connect with someone who will really listen.
  16. Idealist – Turn your startup idea into a business step by step.
  17. SmartHires – Get high-quality candidates from people you trust.
  18. Autopsy – Lessons from failed startups.
  19. Growthverse – Explore marketing tech.
  20. Startup Launch List – Articles you need to read before launching.
  21. Startupkit – Win as a self-taught entrepreneur.
  22. Waitlisted – Build word of mouth for your product launch.
  23. App vs Website – Find out which you should build, quickly.
  24. Startup Retreat – Take your team on a retreat.
  25. Support Your App – Outsource customer service.
  26. Coworker – Find your perfect coworking space.
  27. Hustle X – Building a successful startup is hard. Learn from experts.
  28. Patent Monk – Patent search engine.
  29. Stacklist – The best business tools for growing your startup.
  30. JustReachOut – Forget PR firms.
  31. Business Model Kit – Design your business model.
  32. Startup Tracker – Keep track of cool / competing startups.
  33. Ideator – Go from idea to business plan to launch.
  34. Product Roadmap – Create beautiful roadmaps.
  35. Logodust – Free logos for your projects — added weekly.
  36. Founded X Startup Stats – Which countries are easiest to build a startup in?
  37. Onboard Tips – Convert new signups into happy customers.
  38. makerlist – Discover apps that can help you build your startup.
  39. Seeby – Your startup marketing assistant.
  40. Build it With Me – Connecting designers and developers.
  41. Runway – Plan your team’s budget and compare costs in other cities.
  42. IdeaBox – Kickstart your million dollar idea (app).
  43. hardware_directory – All the hardware resources you need in one place.
  44. – Where to get press coverage for your startup (aside from DT!).
  45. Design for Startup – Curated list of design resources and articles for startups.
  46. Everyday Hustlin’ Calendar – A giant calendar lets you see the whole year at a glance.
  47. B2 Cloud Storage – The lowest cost cloud storage for your cloud app on the planet.
  48. Pitchcraft – Pitch to investors, founder and the public. Get feedback.
  49. namewhale – Helps you find a name for your startup.
  50. 40DayStartup – For people who have trouble getting started.

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