The Best Camera Advice For New Vloggers & YouTubers

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Everyone says you don’t need a pro camera and accessories to get started vlogging or as a YouTuber. That’s true. But… it’s kind of not true as well.

What I mean is that you can definitely get started creating videos with the camera in your pocket: your phone. You can. Or you can use a compact point and shoot like the Canon G7 X or Sony RX 100 version whatever. You can. But… I think you’re going to be disappointed with the results.

I talking here from personal experience; my own team’s trial and error.

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When I started DailyTekk back in 2012 is was just a blog. Text written up and published using WordPress. This year, though, the blog expanded (well, shifted it more like it) to a video focus.

We didn’t intend to do anything too professional or over the top. We merely wanted to add some video to the site. I mean, this is the Internet and there are lots of “just okay” videos out there that are popular, right? Since we just wanted to make something that was good enough to get us started we picked up a Canon G7 X.

It had decent specs, a selfie screen so you could see yourself as you recorded and it wasn’t all that expensive. Great buy, right? Wrong.

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While something like the G7 X is often touted as one of the very best cameras for vloggers (mostly due to the selfie screen, I believe), it falls very short of being a good camera for a serious YouTuber (in my opinion).

The autofocus is abysmal — especially for closeups. The lack of interchangeable lenses (and the lack of an ability to manually focus for more creative shots) turns out to be very limiting. I have other gripes about the G7 X which you can read about here.

Needless to say, our team finds ourselves a few months later selling the G7 X and upgrading to a 4K camera with a DSLR-style body.


Building an audience really does require quality. We just weren’t able to produce videos that we were really happy with using a compact camera or even an iPhone (6 ...

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