Galcon 2 is the Best iPhone, iPad and Mac Game You’ve Never Played

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Are you bored of being bored with the game selection on your iPhone, iPad and/or Mac? Do you crave a game with infinite replay-ability—that’s never the same twice? That takes some strategy to master? That can be played solo or multiplayer? How about a game that can be played in as quick as 1 minute or can last over half an hour? A game that is completely free?

If you’ve answered yes to any or all of the above, you need to try Galcon 2.

Galcon 2 is the latest in a long line of “swarming” spaceship games from indie developer Phil Hassey. As you may have guessed by the game’s name, the point of the game is to take over the galaxy—to conquer it. Phil’s website describes it as a demolition derby in space.

I’ve been playing Galcon, in one version or another, for several years now. It’s highly addicting. So much so that I have uninstalled the game (only to reinstall it a day later) in order to keep it from taking over my life too many times to count.

Galcon is, by definition, a competitive game. While there is a solo mode, I never play it. The solo campaign is best for teaching beginning players the basics of the game and for practicing against the AI. Eventually, as players improve their skills, the computer just becomes too easy to beat.

The robust multiplayer action is why I, along with many other dedicated members of the Galcon community, keep coming back. I love pitting my own mind against another opponent. It’s why multiplayer on Halo is one of my favorite things in life. In Galcon’s multiplayer arena, you can battle from one to twelve opponents simultaneously.

Part of what makes multiplayer on Galcon awesome is the ability to chat with other players. If chat didn’t exist, I think this game would die. There are so many multiplayer games in the App Store that don’t allow for any type of player-to-player communication, which is a shame. The ability to taunt, congratulate, mislead and psych-out other players is half the game.

And here’s the crazy part: Galcon 2 works on iPhones, iPads and Macs. There aren’t separate multiplayer arenas for each device, however; a person on a phone or tablet can play with people on a desktop or laptop in the same game. This is part of what makes ...

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