The Best Looking iPhone 6 Cases Part 1: Incipio NGP

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From the moment I knew I’d be buying an iPhone 6 I was thinking about what case I’d want to use. Yes, I hate to cover up such a beautiful work of art, but I’d much rather have a whole work of art than a broken one. Let’s face it: the iPhone 6 is a bit slippery. Using it “naked” is a bit of a gamble.

I’ve seen too many iPhone 6 case roundups that contain mostly horrible-looking cases. Cases I wouldn’t want to be caught dead with. Thick cases. Ugly cases. Apparently, the authors of these rediculous roundups included any iPhone 6 case they could find. There were apparently no standards—at least not any aesthetic standards.

So I set out on a mission: to find the best looking iPhone 6 cases, compare them and pick a winner. And this is the first of what will be a few articles in a series. The first case I tried.

What I’m basically looking for in an iPhone 6 case in order to call it “the best looking” is a case that’s as thin as possible, as transparent as possible and, after the first two criteria have been met, as well-crafted and durable as possible.

I’m not looking for a case that a tank could run over. They are just too ugly. Plus, my iPhone 6 Plus barely fits in my pockets as is.

My previous iPhone sported an Apple-mad plastic case. It was colorful and pretty thin (and an official Apple product) but by the time it was all said and done it was pretty worn out.

Best Looking iPhone 6 Case #1: Incipio NGP

The Incipio NGP case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes in aTranslucent Frost variety that let’s the iPhone 6’s back show through. It’s not completely clear, but you can clearly see the Apple logo underneath.

It’s also quite thin—basically as thin (in all practicality) as the other iPhone 6 cases I’ve received to review as part of this series.

But I don’t really love the way it looks from the front. I’ve got a white iPhone 6 Plus and the Transulent Frost doesn’t quite match. It’s a small gripe, really, but it does bother me since I’m looking for a case that basically looks like it isn’t there. Still, I’m sure there are some readers who will like the look very much as the case itself certainly isn’t ugly.

The feel of the case is nice when it’s in-hand. It does make the iPhone 6 a bit less slippery, though it’s still a tad more slippery than the Griffin case I’ll be reviewing next.

The shell is very hard to the touch which means I’m not at all worried about scratches or minor damage. Though I haven’t used it for two years as I had the Apple-made case I described above, I don’t see it coming apart in that time without some very serious wear and tear.

And while the toughness and durability of this case don’t come into question in my mind, the craftsmanship and quality might be slightly sub-par for the taste of an Apple purist who buys the device in part because of it’s incredible craftsmanship. Why do I say this? The seams where different materials meet could be a little smoother/cleaner. On the reverse side of the equation, this case only costs $19.99—it’s not exactly being billed as a luxury item. In any case, these small blemishes would be hard to notice by anyone but a person with a very discerning eye.

One big plus with this case is that it makes pressing the volume and power buttons easy. You’d be surprised how much of an issue that can be on other cases. When you want to take a picture, the last thing you want to do is fight with the shutter button (the volume up button on the iPhone 6). It can be the difference between capturing the perfect smile, or not.

Would I recommend the Incipio NGP as one of the best looking iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases out there? Yes. It’s clean, minimal, sturdy and easy to get along with—especially for $20.

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