The Best Looking iPhone 6 Cases Part 2: Griffin Reveal

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I’m on a mission to find and test the best looking iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases, and then pick a winner. I love the design of the iPhone 6 and I think it’s a necessary shame to have to cover it up.

So far I’ve taken a look at Incipio’s NGP case. Today I’m writing about the Griffin Reveal case which I’m testing on an iPhone 6 Plus.

In case you’re not in the mood to read the previous review’s preamble, let me break down what I’m looking for in a case worthy of being called “the best looking” iPhone 6 case.

I’m looking for a case that gets out of the way and basically disappears as much as possible. That means being thin and transparent to let as much of the iPhone 6’s beautiful design shine through as possible. After that, I’m looking for quality, durability and usability.

The Griffin Reveal is the second iPhone 6 case I’ve tested as part of this series. I’m not going in any particular order: merely the order in which the test samples arrived at my door.

There’s a lot the Griffin Reveal has to offer an iPhone 6 owner looking for an ultra-minimal case.

Let’s start with the way it feels in-hand. It’s thin (adding just over a millimeter of thickness to the device) and that’s a good thing. The iPhone 6 takes up enough space as it is. Even though the Griffin Reveal doesn’t add much bulk to the iPhone 6 it does add something very useful: grip.

Without the Griffin Reveal, the naked iPhone 6 feels pretty slippery. With the Reveal in place, I feel like breathing a sigh of relief. I feel like dropping my phone becomes much less likely—and even if I did, it would have some decent protection.

Griffin’s Reveal, which nobody would confuse with a “heavy-duty” case, leaves me with the right amount of peace of mind in terms of protection. If I dropped the phone out of my pocket I wouldn’t be scared it would have any serious damage when clothed in the Reveal. In fact, it does feel more solid/secure/padded than the Incipio NGP.

That said, the Incipio beats the Griffin case in one very important area: button use. Like the Incipio NGP, the Griffin Reveal covers the iPhone 6’s power and volume buttons. Unlike the NGP, the Reveal makes the buttons ...

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