The Best, Most-Ultimate Computer Setup to End All Computer Setups

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Editor’s note: Lew from Unbox Therapy teamed up with LG to give away a dream computer setup including their UltraWide monitors. To enter you had to write about your dream setup. I thought it would be fun, so…

What would my dream computer setup look like? If I had say $10,000 to spend? I’d want something insanely fast and powerful with jaw-dropping looks. Something super-unique and ultra-functional. Something so immersive it would almost seem virtual. Something like…

6 34″ Class 21:9 UltraWide™ WQHD IPS Curved LED Monitors powered by a maxed out Apple Mac Pro paired with some deliciously white X300A wireless hi-fi speakers from KEF . I’d need a custom circular desk, I’d throw in some background lighting for a techie effect (without overdoing it though — gotta keep it tasteful) and I’d have a TV mounted at an angle looking down from the ceiling. I’m not 100% sure that’s even possible to drive 6 of these gorgeous monitors from a Mac Pro so if it’s not suffice it to say I’d do whatever it takes to run those six monitors. Whatever. It. Takes.

And here’s what I’d do with them: I’d wrap them around me in a super-high-tech monitor cocoon; a half-circle of awe-inspiring productivity. 2 monitors in front, one of top of the other, 2 monitors on the left and 2 monitors on the right, also stacked. To be clear, that would equal 102” of screen real estate from left to right.

But this isn’t all about the gorgeous looks. It’s about functionality. I edit a lot of (killer) movies. Movie editing, above just about anything else, takes power. And screen space. The more the better. I also do some web/mobile/app design for our site, I type articles and email like a machine, I interact with fans and commenters and more all in a single day.

With this many monitors I’d be able to view EVERYTHING I do at once. No more minimizing of windows. Just the maximization of my time. A whole screen dedicated to tracking vital statistics like views, subscribers, revenue, etc? Yes, please! A whole screen dedicated to watching my own (and other great YouTuber’s) incredible videos? Gimme! But most importantly, I’d be able to edit videos so much quicker and with more precision. The prospect of fitting an entire FCP X timeline on one monitor without having to zoom in and zoom out makes me drool with desire.

Like I mentioned before, if I really had the opportunity to grab a dream setup like this I’d want it to be powerful with jaw-dropping looks. Both are equally important in my dream setup. I’d want to be able to get tons of work done but, as a YouTuber, I’d use the ultimate computer setup in videos daily. I’d want it to look absolutely, spectacularly, unbelievably cool.

So there’s my dream setup. What are your thoughts?

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