The Best Portable Scanners for Converting Paper to Pixels

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Even as we approach 2015, the world hasn’t gone 100% paperless. And even while most of us go about our business digitally, there are times when you need to get something scrawled or printed on a piece of paper and turn it into pixels.

I don’t know if you’re a big Evernote user or like to keep a scratch pad around for jotting down notes quickly as they come to you, but I’m both of those things. And as much as I like my iPhone 6 Plus, it’s still fairly slow for taking notes compares to a handy dandy paper and pencil duo. Enter the portable scanner.

Doxie Go + Wi-Fi

Doxie’s been at it for years when it comes to making nice-looking portable scanners that people seem to really like. And the Doxie Go + Wi-Fi is all about convenience. If you want to scan anything, anywhere and send it to any device (even when there’s no computer around), this is exactly the scanner you’re looking for.


The big thing that sets this scanner apart is it’s software. NeatReceipts is smart enough to know what you’re scanning (business card vs receipt vs document) and can extract and organize the important information for you.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX Series

The ScanScap iX Series is also wireless. In fact, Fujitsu thinks it packs so much of a punch that they’ve labeled it a “smart” scanner. That said, the Fujitsu is capable of knocking out over 250 pages while on the go.

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