The Dream iMac Desk: The Ultimate Creativity Setup

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I spent months planning and putting together my ultimate iMac setup for video editing and design. I wanted to do something a bit unique and I think I pulled that off nicely with the EO1 Art Frames, among other accessories. Here’s where you can buy everything (in order of appearance):

Autonomous Standing Desk:

5K iMac:

Bluelounge Jimi Front USB adapter:

Electric Objects EO1 Digital Art Frame:

iPad Pro 9.7″:

Apple Pencil:

Apple Pencil Stand and Charger:

Bluelounge Nest iPad/Tablet Stand:

Brass Pen:

Hand Pen Holder:

Philips Hue Light Strip Plus:

Swinging Sticks Sculpture:

Grovemade Accessories:

Modern Coffee Mug:

Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee:

Bluelounge CableDrop Mini:

Bluelounge Sumo:

Bluelounge Cable Bin:

MOS (Magnetic Organization System):

Dare Bear Wooden Art Print:

MoMA Perpetual Calendar:

Canvas Prints:

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