The Future of Gamification

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Each week, DailyTekk connects you with leading experts on a given topic as part of our Understanding series. This week we are focusing on explaining Gamification. Yesterday we learned who can benefit from gamification and today you’ll learn about the future of gamification. Last week we focused on Big Data.


Scott Dodson: “In time, Gamification will cease to be seen as its own discipline. It will be increasingly seen just part of design. Already over 90% of the population, GenY and younger, play games. Gameplay and game oriented product and service experiences are permeating our daily lives. Combine this trend with the proliferation of alternative and virtual currencies: Airline and hotel miles, credit card rewards points, retail loyalty programs, even social couponing, and finally, the increased valuation of social activity (shares, likes, tweets, etc.), and the evolution of reward ecosystems (incremental value bestowed for micro actions taken) is self evident. As these currencies become more fungible—more liquid—via emerging peer to peer exchange networks and the expansion efforts of the currency publishers themselves, gamification systems will arise to amplify the effectiveness of these “social economies.” We really just scratching the surface right now, just beginning to see some good implementations. There’s explosive growth on the horizon.”

Jesse Schell: “Our entire culture is becoming less efficiency oriented, and more pleasure oriented. Because of this, game design will creep into every little corner it can, from school, to work, to shopping, to advertising, even to things like spirituality. Thousands of experiments will happen over the next 10 or 20 years, and most will fail, but some will become permanently enmeshed into our lives. Hopefully, for the better!”

Gabe Zichermann: “Gamification will make the world a more fun and engaging place, from the most quotidian connections—like taking money out of an ATM—to some of our biggest challenges, including learning, health and civic engagement. One big trend we’ll continue to see is self-gamification—using tools like Nike+ or FitBit along with gamification to drive personal growth. This is happening in multiple areas, particularly around wellness and learning, and there’s increasing excitement and evidence that it really works.”

Sebastian Deterding: “Gamification as a word will likely disappear. It will be integrated in the practice of user experience design as one tool set among many others for the larger, prevailing job of engaging users.”

Meet The Experts

  • Sebastian Deterding is a researcher and designer working on persuasive and gameful design, head of the Gamification Research Network and co-editor of “The Gameful World” (MIT Press, 2013). He lives online at
  • Scott Dodson (@gamebiz) is a serial entrepreneur, UX consultant, and gamification guru. He is a Founder and CPO of Bobber Interactive, and a Professor of Game Design at Digipen.
  • Jesse Schell is the founder of Schell Games and has been developing games for more than 10 years.
  • Gabe Zichermann is an author, highly rated public speaker, entrepreneur and the chair of GSummit (SF, April 16-18, 2013) where top gamification experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about customer & employee engagement and loyalty.

Featured image via Playbasis; Gamification in 2013 and Beyond

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