The iPhone 6 Has A Design Flaw

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In general I’m a huge fan of my iPhone 6 Plus. I’m 98% satisfied with it’s design and performance so far. There are a few issues that have bothered me which have mostly been minor (very occasional device resets out of the blue). But there is one nagging issue that flat-out bugs me.

I take a lot of photos with my iPhone. Ever since the “shortcut” became available to use the volume-up button on the side of the phone to snap a photo, it has been my default method. I very rarely take a photo by pushing the on-screen shutter button.

So what’s the problem? Apple placed the power button DIRECTLY opposite of the volume-up button. That means that between 30-50% of the time when I go to take a photo using the volume-up button as the shutter… my phone goes into power-save mode. It falls asleep.

The even bigger problem is that by the time I get the camera app loaded up again, re-aim and hit the shutter button: the moment has passed. Think a smiling baby or a butterfly that just landed and spread it’s wings on a dazzling flower.

It can be downright maddening when it happens two or three times in a row.

I’m fully-aware that the volume-down button also works as a shutter shortcut. That doesn’t help me much, habits and all.

There are certain iPhone 6 cases that I’ve tested that make the flaw even worse because they are so stiff it’s even harder to press the buttons… which means you’ve got to add as much pressure as possible… which means getting leverage by placing a finger direclty opposite of the volume-up button (in my case, at least)… doubling the chances of sending the phone into nap mode.

Like I said… it’s not a huge deal. I’m 98% satisfied with my iPhone 6 Plus. But this was one flaw I just never expected… from Apple. From Jony Ive.

Perhaps it’s a sign that, yep, Steve’s obsession over small details is in-fact noticeably gone. Maybe it’s just me and my particular photo/phone-holding style.

In any case… it’s a bit of a let down.

Apple is such a stellar company I guess I’ve just come to expect perfection.

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  • I am transferring from an Android Phone. I love the IPhone 6 and may never return to the Android again. I think your complaint is crazy and you need to be examined. You should be able to adapt with the tools you are handed. If you keep failing at taking a picture using the correct button, it means your close minded and cannot adapt accordingly. Should I start giving you a treat every time you correctly take the picture? This seemed to work with Penny when Sheldon attempted to train her.
    All jokes aside, there are other complaints with the applications and lack of customization the IPhone offers. Just in my eyes, I do really enjoy the phone though

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