The iPhone Has Finally Found Its Skin

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Before we begin, let’s wind back to the moment when we first unboxed our iPhones. Reminisce the sensuality of its slender frame. Recall how maddening it was to have held such a slim device. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s begin.

Ladies and gentleman, it’s been too long since we buried our iPhones under those sorry excuses for accessories we call iPhone covers. You know what I’m talking about. Those “shock protection” tank-like ones. Those overly blinked-out narcissistic ones. And those packed with so many features you’ll think that it’s trying to be Iron-man.

Believe me when I say that I’ve tried my fair share of these covers throughout my years of Apple fandom. Always hoping that the next one would be ‘the one’ for my iPhone. Always wishing that someone out there would get it right.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love the over-protection I get with some covers, but my pockets always hated me for it. And some of the features are really useful when I actually use them. It’s just that I’ve always felt as if I had to live with an iPhone cover just because there’s nothing out there that works better. I get that there’ll never be a perfect cover, but I’m a dreamer, so I dream.

And dream I did. For what my iPhone deserves. For what could be for my iPhone. What should be.

That dream came true with the SkinCase.

SkinCase. The World’s Thinnest Case.

At 0.01in, SkinCase is the world’s thinnest iPhone cover. It’s so incredibly, ridiculously thin that you’ll sometimes forget you even have a cover on. Really. This isn’t an exaggeration. Just look.


Look at it. It’s as if nothing’s on.

To help you better imagine how stupendously thin it is, the Volume and Silent buttons on the sides are even with the SkinCase. This means that when you glide your finger over the area, you’ll essentially feel a flat smooth surface with only a little breathing space around the buttons.

If you’re worried about the annoying iPhone 6 camera on the back, don’t worry, SkinCase’s got your back too. It subtly protrudes around the camera to provide a reinforced bumper, but not too much that it’ll make your iPhone rock when you put it down. If scrolling up is too much of a hassle, we’ve included the cover photo below for you to get what we mean.

Perfect symmetry.

Having it in my hands for a couple of days now, I can assure you that SkinCase is fitted as well as it’s designed. It intimately hugs the curved edges of the iPhone and never comes loose despite constantly reminding me how thin the iPhone actually is. It even has a slight matte texture which sort of gives it more grip.

As for its hygienic claim of being anti-bacterial, we didn’t have a microscope at hand to test it out but we can safely assure you that it’s effortless to clean and doesn’t stain. Liquid predictably slides off it too if you’re wondering.

Having done some traveling with it, I can only thank the holy spirit of Steve Jobs for it. Its spectacular slimness made it a breeze for me to slip it in and out of my pockets. This is to me the most understated feature of any phone cover. If you don’t get what I mean, try removing your iPhone cover and slip it in and out of your pockets. How it feels when it makes contact with your fingers and how easily it moves along with your hand is something unlike any other.

There is a slight concern when it comes to major impacts though, but the more time I spent with it, the more I became comfortable with trusting my own hands to simply not drop my iPhone. And I’m proud to say that it’s been more than a month without any incidents. Self pats were given.

The finish of the SkinCase is also something to note. Unlike other covers of similar thinness, its cuts are pristine and smooth. Most surprising is how SkinCase manages to cover the entirety of the bottom (From the 1.6mm port to the speakers). The lack of coverage in this area has been something which has eluded me. Thank you, SkinCase for protecting these vital holes.

Aesthetically, SkinCase is available in any of the four original iPhone colors. Our favorites are the space gray and silver. The rose gold and gold are fine, but they don’t enhance the iPhone like how the space gray and silver does. Silver especially as it’s essentially translucent, think of it as something like a very very, very thin opaque glass. This allows your iPhone color to shine on its own, even making your iPhone seem like it has no cover on.

Destined for the iPhone.

On SkinCase’s site, they mention that other covers in the market ‘take away the beauty of the iPhone’ . I couldn’t agree more. When Apple designed the iPhone, it was clear from the get go that they wanted it to be sleek in both form and function. They made the human-friendly iOS user interface the perfect complement to the iPhone’s Earth-shattering aluminum body. Everything about the iPhone was obsessively pored over by Apple, and it was this severe attention to detail that changed the world.

With SkinCase, it’s abundantly clear that the people behind it also took this to heart. From its brandless façade to its relaxed packaging (like Apple product’s), SkinCase has not only captured what made the iPhone so great in the past years, they’ve also channeled it into every minuscule bend and surface of the iPhone cover. The SkinCase cover is a love letter to the iPhone. An absolute appreciation to what Apple has done for design and tech.

SkinCase is priced at $24.99 for the iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus and $19.99 for the iPhone 5 / 5s / SE.  To make things sweeter, SkinCase is having a promotion where they’ll be giving you 1 free cover for every purchase.

So get on it at SkinCase!

To wrap things up, I’ll end with this – If the Apple chip is the heart of the iPhone and the iOS its soul, then SkinCase has to be its skin.

UPDATE: I’ve contacted SkinCase after the launch of the Apple iPhone 7 and they’ve confirmed that they’ll be rolling out new SkinCases for it. YES!!!

Editor’s note: this post was contributed by Jovy Low, a human who loves everything and everyone who’s brave enough to love life. Gamer of the 90’s. Saved by the MCRmy. May the Force be with you.

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