The New Apple TV: See the Best New Features in About 2 Minutes

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If Apple is using the word Pro to describe it’s new bigger products like the iPad Pro then maybe the new Apple TV should be called the Apple TV Pro because it looks like it’s about twice the size of the old Apple TV.

But there’s a reason it’s so big: it’s packing a lot more power.

That said let’s start by talking about the new remote. It’s got a touch surface with 5 buttons including a button for Siri. This is a Bluetooth remote which finally means you won’t have to point it at the box to register signals like the previous Apple TV’s remote. The remote also has an accelerometer and gyroscope, can control the volume on your TV and has a battery that can last for up to 3 months.

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So you heard me mention Siri integration and this is by far the coolest feature on the new Apple TV. With Siri you can say things like, “Skip ahead 7 minutes,” or “Who stars in this?” You can also filter search results by saying something like, “Show me some action movies,” then, “The James Bond films,” and then, “Just the ones with Sean Connery.” You can also get recommendations by asking something like, “What are some new movies to watch with kids?”

Finding out where you can watch a movie just became a lot easier as well thanks to the new universal search.

There’s also an App Store on the new Apple TV that, aside from iOS-style games, will let you play games like Disney Infinity Star Wars and Guitar Hero along with other games previously only available on console systems.

One of the new games that will be available is Crossy Road which now supports 4 simultaneous players and has a new competitive head to head mode.

There are also new screensavers which are actually high-definition slow-motion movies. They’re smart enough to auto-play the day or night versions depending on your time of day.

Interestingly, Apple called the new Apple TV the “Foundation for the future of television,” today which to me definitely hints at a forthcoming Apple streaming TV bundle coming soon.

The new Apple TV will be available starting at $149.

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