The Quest To Understanding Mobile Content Consumption

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People access more media and information now than they otherwise would because of mobile devices. They do more of everything — read news, listen to music, watch videos, chat with friends, shop, play games, etc. They do these things while waiting for a bus, riding a train, eating, working, stuck in traffic, or walking. This generation has clearly mastered the art of multitasking. It is sometimes amazing how one can post a photo on social media while crossing the street (which is of course very dangerous).

Mobile content consumption has skyrocketed over the popularity of smartphones. A 2014 report from Millennial Media and comScore reveals that 44% of online content is now consumed via smartphones, 12% on tablets, and 44% on desktop computers. What’s more is mobile isn’t just an option now, it’s the popular choice. In 2013, mobile-only users grew nine times faster, while desktop users decreased by 45%. This trend led to the boost in the mobile-only content marketing strategy as opposed to the mobile-first technique. Although cross-platform consumption is still the norm, mobile is clearly leading the pack. This is why understanding the process of mobile content consumption and the consumers’ behavior should be a primary concern of all online marketers. After all, mobile marketing isn’t just a trend now. It will evolve, but it is here to stay.

Getting to know the new digital consumer

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via pixabay
Photo courtesy of StockSnap via pixabay

The millennial customer has really inspired many changes in mobile marketing. This is a generation whose options are so wide and varied. They expect technology to just work for them so make sure yours works perfectly. There are approximately 80 million millennial customers in the U.S. alone, so it doesn’t matter what you think of them. All that you should know is that this market is very important.

Mobile technology is closest to the hearts of millennials. They don’t watch TV, and even if they do, they are probably browsing their Facebook timeline at the same time. A research from Pew shows that four out of five millennials sleep with a cellphone next to them. A related Nielsen survey also reported that mobile users spend 34 hours a month on a smartphone, mostly browsing apps.

They do everything on ...

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