The Swatch Box Review: the Best Personalized Home or Office Decor Option?

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To make your home or office look good you need time, good taste, talent, confidence, access to cool and unique stuff… the list goes on. I’ve moved several times in my life and there have been many times where my walls sat blank because I was either too busy or lazy to get things looking right. Plus, I’m no interior designer.

And it’s not just me: there are plenty of guys out there who want to wake up one day to find that their home or office is suddenly a stylish reflection of their personality. And there have to be lots of women out there flooding Pinterest with ideas they’ll never have time to implement.

But now there is a good solution to finding home and office decor you’ll love whoever you are, whatever you do and wherever you need it.

The Swatch Box is a new company that asks you to take a style survey, matches you with a home stylist who will send you a box full of handpicked home goods which you can either buy or send back in part or in whole. Essentially, finding high-quality, on-trend and personalized home (or office) decor couldn’t be easier.


But that convenience comes with a cost: there’s an $85 styling fee. But for people looking for one-of-a-kind, curated luxury goods, that’s no big deal. For people who may be on tighter budgets (say a person in a studio in NYC with just one main room to decorate), the $85 fee can definitely be worth it to find something thoughtful and personalized for your space.

When I signed up for The Swatch Box I was contacted (via email) by my stylist, Lauren, who presented me with 4 photos, each of a different room decorated with contrasting styles. I was asked which room was my favorite, which items I liked best from all of the rooms and had an opportunity to give some context as to why I made these selections. Also, Lauren said I was free to send over a photo of my space as well.

Here are the photos Lauren sent me along with my response:


“I like the art in pics 2 and 4. I like the rug and modern chair with the angles in pic 3. For sure. I’m really looking for smaller pieces to fill out the space right now. Stuff that can fit on a desk ...

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