The Tempting and Fantabulous Looking Samsung Galaxy S III

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Till the time I can lay my hands on the Samsung Galaxy S III, I can’t really say whether it is as spectacular as it sounds or how friendly it is for technologically challenged humans like me. But from the looks of it, it surely is designed to lure humans. When I first saw the commercial of the mobile, I couldn’t stop myself doing a research to figure out what this smartphone has and what is the hue and cry, regarding this phone all about.

No doubt, the best feature of this new mobile is it’s looks. It has a spectacular looking sleek design. The phone will run on the Android 4.0 version, which somewhat gives an assurance that the mobile would be a good performer. It has all the basic necessary features like 4.8 HD super AMOLED display, 8 megapixels camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth v.4.0 and a battery that allows for a talk-time of 11 hours and 40 minutes. Besides these basic features, Samsung’s impressive technology has adorned this handset with some intelligent features that make the Samsung S III truly a smartphone.

These features are ‘S Beam’, ‘Smart Stay’, ‘S Voice’, ‘Gaming Paradise’, ‘Burst shot and Best Photo’. I’m sure there might be a few more that are not mentioned in the reviews. A little about these features; ‘S Beam’ helps you share HD videos by just touching your phone to another one. This feature might be somewhat like the NFC but being Samsung, this feature is probably a little more efficient than the NFC technology that is being used in other cell-phones. ‘Smart Stay’, this features allows the phone to detect user movement using the front camera and thus prevents the screen from turning off. The ‘S voice’ feature helps you control your phone with your voice. The smartphone is so smart that at the command of your voice, it will turn the volume up or down. There is a lot more that it can do on voice command but more about it, once I try it out myself, then probably can pen down what commands work and what don’t and figure out how smart this smartphone actually is. ‘Burst Shot and Best Photo’ ...

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