The top 10 DailyTekk articles and videos not to miss from 2016

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Curious what the top five blog posts have been on DailyTekk for 2016? Here’s what people have been spending the most time on in the first quarter, in case you happened to miss one!

  1. The 7 Best 360° Cameras and Rigs for Shooting INSANELY Awesome VR Video – Our most popular post of 2016 has been a roundup of the best 360° Cameras and Rigs. Seen it yet? Check it out!
  2. The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2015 – A perennial favorite, DailyTekk works hard to collect the best blogs and websites each year. This happens to be last year’s but is still insanely popular. If you haven’t already, check it out and find a new resource today!
  3. The 100 best, most-interesting websites of 2016 – Here’s an updated list for 2016–lots of new favorites!
  4. The 100 best, most-interesting podcasts for 2016 – Have you gotten into podcasts yet? Here’s your chance to get started. The good ones are always hard to find but we’ve located them for you!
  5. The Top 5 Vlogging Cameras You Can Buy NOW (2015) – Our readers are real interested in cameras! Thinking of starting a YouTube channel? DailyTekk has some great tips and roundups of the tools you’ll need. A great camera is the best start–check them out here!

Just getting into DailyTekk’s YouTube presence? Here are our top five videos for the first quarter of 2016. Take a look at what you may have missed so far!

  1. THE 4 BEST 360 DEGREE VR CAMERAS – Want to start shooting Virtual Reality videos? Whether you are a consumer or a professional, here’s a roundup of the best cameras for you.
  2. MYO GESTURE CONTROL ARMBAND REVIEW – Ever wanted to control the world around you with a smart armband that could translate your gestures into actions? Here’s what we thought.
  3. My All-Time Top 10 Favorite Websites (2012-2016) – Ever since 2012, DailyTekk has created a list of the top 100 websites of the year. Here’s our top 2%.
  4. Top 10 Podcasts of 2016 – Want to get a visual of the top podcasts in our web roundup? Here’s a closer look!
  5. 5 Things All Phone Owners Hate – Here’s where you confirm that your pet peeves about your phone are shared with others. Watch on for an amusing list!

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