The Top 50 Bitcoin Resources & Tools

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Unless you’ve had your head under a pillow for the last couple of years you’ve likely run across the term Bitcoin—a lot. In case you are unsure Bitcoin is all about, let me provide you with a definition from Investopedia which calls it, “A digital or virtual currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments. Bitcoin is a type of alternative currency known as a cryptocurrency, which uses cryptography for security, making it difficult to counterfeit.” Whether you are just learning about Bitcoin for the first time or are Satoshi Nakamoto himself, you’ll find plenty of interesting resources to explore here. From explanations to mining tools to wallets to exchanges—it’s all here. Let me know what I missed and what your favorites are!

Bitcoin For Beginners

  1. – A simple, concise and well-designed guide to the world of Bitcoin.
  2. Bitcoin: What Is It? – Khan Academy course.
  3. Cryptocoins – Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin news and analysis (with a nice design).
  4. Coindesk – Bitcoin news, prices, charts, guides and analysis.
  5. We Use Coins – Your portal to the world of Bitcoin (great for starters).
  6. The Bitcoin Wiki – For all your Bitcoin needs.
  7. r/bitcoin – The Bitcoin subreddit.
  8. How Do You Buy Bitcoins? – The easy and free guide to buying Bitcoins.
  9. How Bitcoins Are Mined And Used – Article by BusinessInsider.
  10. Bitcoin – The Libertarian Introduction – Article by Erik Voorhees.

Use Bitcoins


  1. Coinbase – An digital wallet for securely using and accept Bitcoin currency.
  2. Bits – Bringing Bitcoin to the masses. Payments anytime, anywhere by anyone.
  3. Gliph – The easiest way to send Bitcoin.
  4. BitPay – Accept BitCoin in every country with no chargebacks.
  5. CoinJar – Your Bitcoin wallet on the go.
  6. BitWall – Micropayments for digital publishers.
  7. KryptoKit – In-browser Bitcoin wallet (works with Google Chrome).
  8. Safello – A safe way to buy, sell and store Bitcoins.
  9. Robocoin – The world’s first Bitcoin ATM.
  10. Bitmonet – Accept Bitcoin to get paid for your blog posts.

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Trade/Sell Bitcoins


  1. Coinsetter – NYC-based Bitcoin trade platform.
  2. – Bitcoin commodity exchange. Trade mining facilities based on supply/demand.
  3. Bitstamp – Send Bitcoins directly to anyone with no middlemen.
  4. Coinfloor – Trade Bitcoins with confidence.
  5. BTC-E – Cryptocurrency exchange (also accepts Namecoin, Litecoin, etc.).
  6. LocalBitcoins – Buy and

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