The Top 50 Content Marketing Tools

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If you want to rock it with a sponsored content campaign you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written sponsored content for big brands like Microsoft, eBay, HTC, Bose and more and these are some of the best content marketing tools and resources I’ve run across recently. Call it what you want: sponsored content, native advertising, branded content or influencer marketing. Whatever the name, sponsored content is taking over the web. Some sites, like BuzzFeed (pictured above), rely exclusively on native ads to generate revenue. “In-stream” advertorials are considered a highly effective means of reaching and engaging with valuable customers on their own terms because they work great with responsive design (will show up on any screen). They are harder to ignore than traditional ads (and less annoying because they usually offer more value to the reader). Tectonic shifts are taking place across the advertising landscape: brands are becoming publishers themselves and dollars are finding new homes accordingly.

Must-See Content Marketing Tools


  1. Sharethrough  – World’s largest in-feed advertising exchange.
  2. Content BLVD – Where brands find publishers to publish articles.
  3. NewsCred – The world’s largest content marketplace.
  4. Kapost – Marketing calendar, workflow, analytics and all content types in one place.
  5. BrightEdge – Content-centric SEO.
  6. Revenue – Beautiful, easily customizable, in-stream advertising for the rest of the web.
  7. GinzaMetrics – Enterprise SEO and content marketing.
  8. Sponsify – A platform for native advertising on YouTube.
  9. Uberflip – Hubs keep customers from leaving your brand.
  10. AdsNative – Built specifically for premium publishers.

Where To Get Content For Content Marketing


  1. Contently – The storytelling platform.
  2. Scripted – Writing on-demand.
  3. OutBrain Select – Select from millions of high-quality articles to publish.
  4. Written – Distributing content already proven to perform.
  5. GoodBlogs – Bloggers compete to give you content. Only pay for the best articles.
  6. WriterAccess – Hire freelance writers.
  7. LittleBird – Influencer discovery and engagement.
  8. Textbroker – If you want to outsource your content marketing project.
  9. Zerys – Content marketing marketplace.
  10. Brafton – A content marketing agency.

Bring Out “The Big Guns” Of Content Marketing


  1. Percolate – Plan, source and create with a better content marketing workflow.
  2. Taboola – Distribute your content to premium publishers and engaged audiences.
  3. Compendium – Plan, produce, publish, promote and prove.
  4. PaperShare – Demand generation platform powered by your content marketing.
  5. SnapApp – More content. More channels. Better results.
  6. Hearsay Social – Content exchange. Leverage expert content from a partner network.
  7. Skyword – Content marketing software. Engage your audience with original web content.
  8. Ebuzzing – Native video ads.
  9. Nativo – Scalable and automated native advertising platform.
  10. Kontera – Big data for agile marketing.

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Other Noteworthy Content Marketing Resources


  1. Addvocate – Turn employees into content creators and curators for your brand.
  2. OneSpot – Turning sponsored content into targeted ads.
  3. Polar – In-stream native ads across all sites/screens.
  4. Gravity – Sponsored content paired with personalization.
  5. Chasm – Earn credit for sharing content or share your own.
  6. ScribbleLive – Content value derived from how readers interact with it.
  7. TrackMaven – Competitive marketing intelligence. See what content rivals produce.
  8. Idealmedia – Recommended content + ads.
  9. Namo Media – In-stream native ads for mobile.
  10. Tapinfluence – Create a steady stream of social content.

Content Marketing Blogs


  1. Content Marketing Institute – Content marketing strategy, research and how-to’s.
  2. Sparksheet – Good ideas about content.
  3. Convince and Convert – Social media and content marketing strategy.
  4. KISSmetrics Blog – All kinds of interesting marketing and analytics info.
  5. Digital Marketer – Traffic, conversion and engagement. Improve them all.
  6. Marketo Blog – Best practices and thought leadership.
  7. Post-Advertising – Chronicles of brand storytelling.
  8. Ann Handley – Author, speaker and Chief Content Officer.
  9. Heidi Cohen – Actionable marketing guide.
  10. UnMarketing – Thoughts from Scott Stratten.

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