The Top 50 Mac Apps (What’s New To You?)

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If you own a Mac, you love it. That’s just how it works. While it’s awesome right out of the box, you can add a lot to your Mac experience with some fun, creative, productivity-enhancing and unique apps like those I’ve listed here. If you’re like me, you get a lot of apps for your iPhone or iPad, but not so many for your Mac. I don’t know why it is… probably because my phone is just with me more (though most of my work still gets done on the Mac). So if you haven’t checked out the Mac app store since the last OS update was released, do yourself and favor and see what you find here. There’s plenty to like.

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Cool Mac Apps You’ve Never Heard Of


  1. Scribe – Copy anything from your Mac to your iPhone (without Wi-Fi).
  2. Slack – Make your working life simpler, more pleasant and productive.
  3. instaLive Wallpaper – Realtime Instagram feeds as your wallaper.
  4. Compartments – Organize your stuff and do a home inventory.
  5. Lost Photos – Rediscover all the photos you’ve ever sent or received via email.
  6. ReadKit – A full-featured read later client.
  7. Airmail – The powerful mail client with a minimal and intuitive design.
  8. Carousel – Simple, beautiful way to explore Instagram on your desktop.
  9. App For Pinterest – Easy desktop Pinterest interface.
  10. Flickery – A great way to use and enjoy Flickr on your Mac.

Awesome Free Apps


  1. Evernote – My life basically runs on this. Yours should too.
  2. Pocket – Save the stories you want to read later. Then read in style.
  3. Twitter – The best way to tweet is the official way.
  4. Folx GO – Internet download manager. Organize your downloads.
  5. Found – Lightning-fast search across your Mac and cloud files.
  6. Alfred – Keyboard-driven productivity app. Launch apps and search.
  7. Composure – Stitch together your photos with ease.
  8. Swackett – Weather, fashion and fun. Visual weather report.
  9. Adobe Revel – See all the photos from your entire family, privately.
  10. Mint QuickView – Companion app to Snapshot of your finances.

Get Stuff Done (Productivity)


  1. Time Sink – Helps you track how you spend your time on your Mac.
  2. TextExpander – Define abbreviations for frequently-used text strings.
  3. Fantastical – A calendar app you’ll actually enjoy using (I know I do).
  4. TaskPaper – A simple to-do list that’s surprisingly adept. Get’s out of your way.
  5. Dropzone – Drag files, folders or text ono your customizable grid of actions.
  6. Focus – Helps you focus on our tasks and stay productive. Pomodoro timer.
  7. Todoist – Your to-do list wherever you need it.
  8. Wunderlist – Manage and share your daily to-do lists.
  9. BreakTime – Don’t forget to take a break!
  10. OmniFocus – Store thoughts then process them into actions.

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Apps For Creatives


  1. Pixelmator – Full-featured photo editing app.
  2. Ember – Capture, organize, annotate and share. A curation app.
  3. Hype 2 – Create beautiful animated web content.
  4. Motion 5 – Create awesome video special effects.
  5. Intensify – Deliver world-class professional photographs.
  6. Writer Pro – Innovative writing software with lots of unique features.
  7. SketchBook Pro 6 – Fun and intuitive paint and drawing application.
  8. Voila – Screen recorder and screen capture tool.
  9. Icon Slate – Compose, import and export icons in many formats.
  10. Picture Collage Maker 3 – Template-based photo collage generator.

Mac Utilities


  1. Boom – Hear music and movies louder and better.
  2. PopClip – A better copy/paste.
  3. Gemini – The duplicate finder. Stop wasting space.
  4. Caffeine – A tiny program the can prevent your Mac from going to sleep.
  5. BetterSnapTool – Easily manage your window positions and sizes.
  6. The Unarchiver – Small and easy way to unarchive many kinds of files.
  7. DaisyDisk – Recover disk space.
  8. WiFi Explorer – Scan, find and troubleshoot wireless networks.
  9. Disk Diag – Discover and clean up unneeded files. Remove useless space-wasters.
  10. Yoink – Simplifies drag and drop between windows.

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