The Top 50 Subreddits (Anyone Will Love)

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Reddit calls itself the front page of the Internet for a good reason. Many of the most popular posts you see around the Internet (like on BuzzFeed) trace their roots to Reddit. It’s a machine that surfaces interesting content on all kinds of subjects. When I first checked out I thought… whoa, whats the big deal? I saw a lot of text and whitespace and didn’t hang around too long. It took me a couple of years to get back and check it out in earnest and I’m glad I did.

There are a gazillion subreddits to explore these topics and it can be tricky to find the ones you’ll really be interested in. Also, many subreddits have a very niche audience… but those I’ve gathered here should have a very broad appeal. I’ve purposefully left out some of the most popular subreddits because they are so well known it wouldn’t do any good posting links to them here. I’m talking about subreddits like r/IAmA (and AMA), r/askreddit, r/funny and r/gifs.

So in this list I’ve gathered what I believe to be the best, most interesting subreddits (including some awesome tech subreddits since this is a tech site). Don’t get me wrong—there are plenty of additional subreddits worth checking out (as well as plenty more to miss); these just happen to be the ones I would recommend looking into. Even if you’re an old Reddit pro you’ll find something new here and a few old favorites. And for those of you who still haven’t gone straight to the source yet… this will be a good introduction for you. This entire list is basically SFW (safe for work) and any subreddit that contains anything but will be labeled as such. Let me know what favorites of yours I missed.

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Random, Cool & Must-See Subreddits


  1. TrueReddit – Reddit as it is meant to be… insightful articles, reading before voting…
  2. Today I Learned (TIL) – Learn something new everyday. Always interesting.
  3. Blowit – One sentence to blow your mind (must provide credibility).
  4. DepthHub – The best in-depth submissions and discussion on Reddit.
  5. Fascinating – Fascinating stuff from science to culture, from tech to history.
  6. Nostalgia – I think the title says it all… need I say more?
  7. Startups – Stuff for entrepreneurs.
  8. LearnUselessTalents – Stuff that’s cool

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