The VESELcase for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Review: Luxury Meets Utility

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As a technology reviewer it’s easy to get sick of reviewing the same old thing. I find that to be especially true when it comes to iPhone cases. But today I have the pleasure of telling you about an iPhone case that is unusually great and significantly different from the multitude of iPhone cases that are cheap, boring and functional without being very memorable.

The VESELcase is a luxury iPhone case that comes in several colors and finishes. I personally tested out the Metal and Wood series’. The Metal Series is just what it sounds like: the entire number is made out of 7,000 series aluminum. Does that sound familiar? If not, let me refresh your memory. The iPhone 6s also uses 7,000 series aluminum which makes it practically unbendable (at least with a person’s bare hands — I guess Apple didn’t appreciate UnboxTherapy’s bendgate video all that much). The Wood Series actually has aluminum ends and wood sides.


For me, the absolute best thing about the VESELcase is simply how it looks. They’re stunningly beautiful. That’s not something you would normally be able to say about an iPhone case (unless you were named Jony Ive and you had been the one to design it).

You can tell that there’s actually been quite a lot of thought put into the VESELcase design. It isn’t merely a rectangle that surrounds your phone. If you look at it straight on you’ll notice that the case actually has some curves to it around the corners. And what’s more, the form follows function as the curves make the phone easier to grip when held at certain angles. And when you set the case down on a table and look at it from the side, you’ll notice the bumper isn’t just straight up and down; the aluminum ends have subtly different angles to them. In fact, there isn’t a flat edge on the entire product.

So if design matters to you at all, which it probably does if you own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s (or the Plus varieties), then this is a case worthy of your consideration. It’s always seemed a bit odd to me that someone would buy such an expensive, thoughtfully-designed device and then cover it with a cheap $10 or $20 case. But here is a case that deserves to be paired with an iPhone.


And you can tell as soon as you unbox a VESELcase that you’ve got a high-quality luxury product. Once you lift the lid of the box off you’ll see the case sitting on some svelte black foam. When you lift it off you’ll find a cutout underneath with a tiny tool which is used to tighten four small screws on the corners of the case in order ensure the case fits snugly on your phone. The tool has a lid that screws on and off and has a hole so that it can be carried on your keychain should you ever need to remove the case. I mean, seriously, the case has it’s own proprietary tool. And it doesn’t just pop on or off: it must be installed. Those are both hallmarks of a luxury product.

The standard of quality is high for this case. From the materials used to it’s toughness in real world situations, the VESELcase is going to look good while it lasts for a very long time.

And why does the Wood Series still contain metal ends? I’m guessing that the makers of this case knew that the top and bottom of the case would likely take the brunt of most impacts. Thus, the top and bottom of even the Wood Series bumper is aluminum and therefore extra tough.

The VESELcase is very light as well and, as I alluded to already, makes the iPhone grippier and easier to hold on to.

While the VESELcase is available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are new colors available for the newly announced iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. In addition to the previously available colors, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners can now choose the Frozen Gold and Frozen Rose Gold options.


Now while the VESELcase has quickly become one of my all-time favorite iPhone cases, there are a few things I want to make sure to point out that could be potential downfalls to some people.

First, obviously, the back of your phone won’t be covered. While there is a sufficient lip on the case to prevent the back of your phone from touching a flat surface while resting, you’ll want to be careful about scratches. But this can also be a plus: I personally enjoy cases that let me see as much of my iPhone as possible. And I suppose you could always get a skin or thin cover for the back of your phone if you’re really worried about it.

Second, the case has no problem accommodating Apple’s charging and headphone cords, but some third party cords don’t fit. For instance my TYLT brand car charger cord and my Kanex iPhone dock don’t quite fit through the case and neither does my aux cable for listening to music in the car. Of course you could always find new accessories that you are sure fit, or you could simply stick with Apple accessories to ensure compatibility.

All-in-all I highly recommend the VESELcase to anyone looking to make a design statement and who appreciates fine craftsmanship. This is definitely one of the best iPhone cases, luxury or otherwise, on the market. The looks, the quality and the usability are all extraordinary. I’d also say this is the perfect iPhone case for a guy (so ladies looking for great present ideas for dads, brothers or boyfriends, you’re welcome for the hint).


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