The VESELcase for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Review: Luxury Meets Utility

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As a technology reviewer it’s easy to get sick of reviewing the same old thing. I find that to be especially true when it comes to iPhone cases. But today I have the pleasure of telling you about an iPhone case that is unusually great and significantly different from the multitude of iPhone cases that are cheap, boring and functional without being very memorable.

The VESELcase is a luxury iPhone case that comes in several colors and finishes. I personally tested out the Metal and Wood series’. The Metal Series is just what it sounds like: the entire number is made out of 7,000 series aluminum. Does that sound familiar? If not, let me refresh your memory. The iPhone 6s also uses 7,000 series aluminum which makes it practically unbendable (at least with a person’s bare hands — I guess Apple didn’t appreciate UnboxTherapy’s bendgate video all that much). The Wood Series actually has aluminum ends and wood sides.


For me, the absolute best thing about the VESELcase is simply how it looks. They’re stunningly beautiful. That’s not something you would normally be able to say about an iPhone case (unless you were named Jony Ive and you had been the one to design it).

You can tell that there’s actually been quite a lot of thought put into the VESELcase design. It isn’t merely a rectangle that surrounds your phone. If you look at it straight on you’ll notice that the case actually has some curves to it around the corners. And what’s more, the form follows function as the curves make the phone easier to grip when held at certain angles. And when you set the case down on a table and look at it from the side, you’ll notice the bumper isn’t just straight up and down; the aluminum ends have subtly different angles to them. In fact, there isn’t a flat edge on the entire product.

So if design matters to you at all, which it probably does if you own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s (or the Plus varieties), then this is a case worthy of your consideration. It’s always seemed a bit odd to me that someone would buy such an expensive, thoughtfully-designed device and then cover it with a cheap $10 or $20 case. But here is a case that deserves to be paired with an iPhone.


And you can tell as ...

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