The World’s Thinnest iPhone Case is SO FRIGGIN AWESOME (Peel Review)

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When I declare my love for thin iPhone cases I feel a bit like a broken record. Well guess what — there actually ARE no thin iPhone cases compared to the one my phone is rocking right now from Peel. This case is a microphone drop and jaw drop rolled into one: an end-all iPhone fashion statement and a mind-blowing iPhone accessory. Here’s why it’s simply amazing: it’s barely there. It’s AS CLOSE to using a naked iPhone as you could get while still sporting a case — but perhaps better (more on that in a moment). In my mind this is the best, coolest iPhone case on the planet.

There’s nothing like an iPhone. Sir Jony Ive and his crack team of industrial designers have simply blown every other phone out of the water. The iPhone design is copied far and wide (quite shamelessly) because, for the current form factor most smartphones take, it’s unbeatable. Now I’m not saying there aren’t other nice-looking, innovative smartphones out there. But the iPhone stands apart and alone.

And that’s how I’d like to keep it. I don’t want some huge, ugly case messing things up. I’ve spent years lusting after a case that didn’t exist (and by that I mean one that felt like it didn’t exist and one that literally wasn’t available to buy on the market). But the iPhone case I’ve always dreamt of is finally real. And it’s made by Peel.

The Peel case for my iPhone 6s only costs $25 (making it highly affordable) and is only .35 millimeters thick/thin! I’ve tested what I thought were thin iPhone cases in the past and NONE of them compare to the Peel case. It wins the thin wars hands-down. Other “thin” iPhone cases embarrass themselves by marketing their slimness. Okay, maybe that is a little overboard, but DANG! The thinness is impressive. Again, it’s what I always wanted.

I mentioned earlier that an iPhone wearing a Peel case was perhaps better than a naked iPhone. Why? Grip. iPhones are SLIPPERY as all get out. The Peel case fixes that.

And, of course, it prevents the back and sides of your iPhone from getting scratched and scraped and nicked and dinged and dented and tarnished. The downside of the Peel case is that it offers next to no padding or cushioning in case of a drop. But that’s a risk ...

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