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Today I’m excited to announce that DailyTekk content will be showing up in a great new app called Theneeds, a free service that helps people find interesting news, articles, videos, social posts and more, around their interests.

There are a few things I like about Theneeds that set it apart from other apps. Before you get started, make sure you get your social networks connected because this is one of the easiest ways to start personalizing the content you see.

What’s great is how you can highly customize your experience once you first sign up, via a series of channels and interest categories. Just check what interests you within each major channel and a tiled home screen will be created based on your preferences

For instance, under the “Listen” category, you could add interests like: classical & opera, dance & electronic, jazz & blues, etc.

You can then refine the stream even more by “Liking” or “Disliking” a piece of content. The backend learns from your activity and brings you only relevant content. Oh, and any piece of content you liked, will be saved in the “Liked” page, for you to explore later.

If you’d like a more uniform reading experience you can tap to enable the reading mode, which strips out site specific styling and gives you a more even way to sift through the article.

DailyTekk content will show up under the “Be Informed” channel of Theneeds (and more specifically under the technology interest, so make sure to get that added).

In terms of design the app is pretty different from what you might be used to. If I had to pick, it reminds me of a more colorful Pulse (acquired by LinkedIn) layout with side-scrolling stories in each category.

Overall this is a great new way to find your favorite content both on the web and on iPhone app—including tech reviews from DailyTekk!

Download the iPhone app here:

Check out their web platform here: (both web and mobile)

In case you have any questions for Theneeds team you can reach out to them at:

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