These 3 Sony Action Cam Video Demos Are Worth A Look

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The Sony Action Cam ($499.99 at Best Buy) is a capable, tough GoPro alternative that lets you shoot up to 4K resolution (which we’ve mentioned before here on DailyTekk). In order to demonstrate some of the creative ways the camera is being used, Sony has released a few intriguing videos/demos that are not only fun to watch but might also plant some ideas in your head about how to use a Sony Action Cam to film your own creative projects (or family get togethers, next snowboarding trip, vacation, etc.).

Note: before you watch, I’d recommend changing the quality to 1080p for the best viewing experience (click the settings/gear icon in the bottom right of the video player).


Of the 3, Paperports is my favorite. It’s very neat to see a guy build a working miniature sea port replica out of paper. I can only imagine how many long hours it took to make and film. As he stop-motion animates his tiny town, the builder places the Sony Action Cam on a rig right in the center of the action (in the middle of the harbor, presumably). The camera rotates around capturing cars and boats that move, a working crane, a bridge that lowers and a mysterious pillow that appears and disappears—perhaps meant to be clouds or foliage in the background?


Creature features an interesting premise: on fade in, a person seems to find a Sony Action Cam laying in some grass. The person is seen ejecting a memory card and then, presumably, we’re watching what has been filmed… which in turn tells us the story of how this camera came to be abandoned in the first place… It starts in a classified laboratory a vulture-like bird is being grown. For what purpose it is unclear. Suddenly, it appears, the bird is escaping it’s inventors; it runs through a town as scared people scream and clear a path, it seems to ponder it’s fate for a bit under a bridge and finally learns how to use it’s wings just before… well there’s a bit of a surprise at the end which I won’t ruin for you. This video clearly demonstrates the value of mounting a Sony Action Cam to oneself for a first-person shooting perspective.

The Picture Machine

The Picture Machine is just that—a modern-day Zoetrope-like contraption. Essentially, animators put frames of a scene on the inside of a large circle (apparently in a cool studio somewhere in or around New York City) and built a mini train that holds a Sony Action Cam that zooms around through a tunnel (aimed at the animation frames). As the train gains speed, the animation speeds up and eventually starts running at the correct speed. Voila. An awesome idea for filming a couple of short animation scenes.

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