These 5 Awesome Trello Extensions Will Make You Super Productive

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Trello is an incredible resource that lets you manage projects in a card-based, column-based way. We use it here at DailyTekk to keep track of our “article flow” and make sure we’re on top of every story we publish. We’ve tried many different project management apps and methods and have found Trello to be the best for our purposes.

If you’re not already a Trello user, definitely check it out now. As far as I’m concerned it’s the best project management software/app available, but see what you think.

If you are already hooked on Trello and are looking for some extensions, add-ons or apps to enhance the experience even further, you’re in the right place. Here are 5 great Trello extensions to help you get even more done even easier.

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Tab for Trello

If you have a Mac and use Trello then Tab for Trello is a must (not to mention a no-brainer) as it puts Trello right into your toolbar for quick, easy access. You can of course create boards and tasks as well as drag and drop tasks just like you’re used to.

IFTTT Trello Recipes and Zapier Trello Integrations

IFTTT and Zapier are both easy ways to do more with your favorite apps and services. I happen to prefer the original—IFTTT (which stands for If This Then That)—which tends to have more integrations for just about everything in my experience, including Trello. Check out the IFTTT recipes for Trello and the Zapier Trello integrations for comparison—it’s really a matter of preference.

Punchtime for Trello

Punchtime adds time tracking and analysis for Trello projects; essentially, you manage your projects in Trello but track your time in Punchtime. This is made possible via a browser extension for Chrome and Safari or by using a mobile app (available on iOS and Android).


Need something coded, hassle-free? With CodersClan you can outsource code tasks directly from Trello super easily. No interviews, no hiring—just code.

Trello Bookmarklet Maker

Want to create a Trello card about the current website you’re on? Now you can with this handy bit of code from GitHub. It’s as easy as connecting your Trello account and then dragging and dropping a link.

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