These Are The Best Apple Watch Stands & Docks

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So you have/want an Apple Watch. Don’t treat it like a Timex (or even a Rolex) just leaving it to sit around. This is no normal watch—it’s a smartwatch; and the king of the smartwatches at that. And so it deserves a proper throne. And, even before the Apple Watch is officially available to buy, there are already plenty of great choices. Whether you’re looking for metal, wood, the ability to charge multiple iOS devices at once, something that blends into the background or stands out or something that could rightfully be called a work of art in it’s own right, you’ve come to the right place. DailyTekk’s got all the best Apple Watch stands and charging stations for you. Just scroll down.

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HiRise for Apple Watch


When it comes to Apple Watch accessories, you want something that feels as premium as the device itself and that’s exactly what you get the the HiRise for Apple Watch for Twelve South. And what feels more premium than a metal charging stand? But it’s not just the material, in this case, that gives off a premium feel. As the Apple Watch itself has proven, good design can command a premium price and, based on that insight, this stand feels like it should be selling for twice the price ($49.99). So much thoughtfulness has been poured into this stand: there are silicon accents just where the watch will rest and touch to prevent scratching as well as a soft leather landing strip for unbuckled bands to rest on. Twelve South has done it again.

Nomad Stand


The Nomad Stand for Apple watch looks pretty amazing. It’s basically like a mini-sculpture that also happens to charge and hold your Apple Watch when you’re not wearing it. But it doesn’t just look pretty. If you put the Nomad Stand on your desk, for instance, you’ll be able to gaze at the Watch’s screen which is more functional than leaving your Watch to lay flat. I love the way the charging cord is perfectly hidden along the back contour of this stand—like it doesn’t exist.

Premium One W1 (W2, W3)


The Premium One is a Kickstarter project that is all about convenience. Depending on the model (W1, W2 or W3) you can charge your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad all in one opportune place. I think the idea of charging multiple devices at once is the killer feature here; on it’s own, the single Apple Watch charger doesn’t look as good as, say, the Nomad Stand above (in my opinion), but neither does it look bad. What is particularly brilliant is how compact the model that holds an Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad is—what a stellar design! I can tell this is going to be a massively popular Apple Watch stand because the project has already beat it’s funding goal by over $10,000 and still has 31 days left to go.



Here’s another take on the upright aluminum Apple Watch stand that seems to me to have a bit of an origami feel to it (which is not a bad thing). You may have noticed from the photo that, unlike the HiRise stand above, the HEDock does not have any silicon or leather to precent scratches; instead the stand is coated in urethane to help put your mind at ease. All in all, the HEDock does a good job of distinguishing itself with simplicity and a design that is different.

Griffin WatchStand


The Griffin WatchStand is nothing if not versatile and well thought out. Like the Premium W2 stand above, the Griffin WatchStand can charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone simultaneously. But what’s even cooler than that is the ability to charge your Apple Watch while the strap is together or apart. I suppose you can do that with a few of the other stands here, but there’s something about the black stand that really makes a light-colored strap pop. The charging cord wraps neatly around the inside of the tower keeping it hidden and out of sight. Add to that the non-slip base and no-scratch padding and you’ve got a pretty compelling Apple Watch stand.

DODOcase Charging Stand


If you’re looking for an upright wood stand to charge your Apple Watch on, this DODOcase is going to be your best option. I mentioned earlier that you want a stand for your Apple Watch that feels as premium as the device itself. Aside from metal, and opposed to plastic, wood is the only other material that really gives off a premium feel. Whereas the HiRise allows the band to sit across supple leather, there’s no need for the band to touch the dock at all in this case as the Watch rests high enough that it’s not even an issue.

Composure Charging Dock


The Rest Composure charging dock for the Apple Watch is basically a wooden block that holds the charging disk. I like the think of it as akin to a picture a frame. True, it doesn’t make it easier to look at the face of the Apple Watch while it’s charging, as other stands in this article do, but it does make it nicer to look at; it adds definite style to your charging setup. The walnut wood looks a bit extravagant—just like the Apple Watch. Plus, it’s made in the USA.

Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand


The Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Stand for the Apple Watch is very different from the rest of the pack. It’s smaller, for one thing, and it can fold up so you can take it with you. It’s made of wood, but, at least to me, it doesn’t look as nice as the walnut used in the Composure dock above. One nice feature is the ability to wrap the charging cord around the stand when it’s in transit so you can keep everything together and get setup quickly at your next stop.



The Bandstand is probably not going to win any design contests, but it does have a feature that no other stand here can match: it rotates to allow for multiple Watch viewing angles while charging. I always appreciate the ability to charge multiple Apple devices in one easy place and the Bandstand has room in it’s base to hold iPhones or an iPad.

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