These Concept Cars Are So Bizarre You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

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As a kid I loved cars. I subscribed to magazines like Car and Driver, Motor Trend and Automobile. One of my favorite things to read about in these magazines was the concept cars; cars that may or may not ever get made. Sometimes concept cars are testing new technology and sometimes a new design. While many, if not most, concept vehicles don’t wind up on the road, pieces of them do.

There are so many ultra-sleek, attractive concept cars from companies like Lamborghini, Lexus, Ferrari, Aston Martin… you get the picture. But then there are the other concept cars. The weird ones. The ugly ones. The ones that makes you ask, “Why?” Those are what you’re about to feast your eyes on below. Even though they are

Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

Here’s a custom car built by a guy named Mike Vetter that sold on eBay in September of 2014. It came equipped with some nice extras including air-adjustable suspension (to handle speed bumps and steep driveways), remote operated Lamborghini-style doors and front and rear-mounted cameras. Horsepower clocks in at 270.


Nimbus e-Car

Just one glance at this unusual vehicle and you can tell that it was meant to maximize a driver’s visibility. The concept was designed to operate in multiple modes depending on the situation. There’s an energy-saving mode, a standard driving mode and even a 4WD mode.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.29.18 AM

Mercedes-Benz F105 Autonomous Car

This looks like a car street out of Smith’s eye robot movie. Unlike a traditional car this concept let’s drivers work and talk more like a living room on wheels thanks to the fact that it can drive itself.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.41.02 AM

Renault Twizy Sport F1

Okay, this thing’s tiny but it sports a 100HP engine. Not bad for a golf-cart on steroids (or does it look more like a riding lawn-mower on steroids… I’ll let you decide).


Jeep Mighty

I suppose someone in the world might think this looks good—frankly, I think it’s downright ugly. You know there’s no way this is going into production. I guess it was just built… just because.


Ford Airstream

This concept, from way back in 2007, sort of remind me of a pop can on wheels. It has a bus-like demeanor about it not unlike the Numbus e-Car above (but perhaps a bit cooler).


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