Thinga is THE best website for kids right now (hint: it’s a search engine and kids magazine)

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The Internet is full of crap, but your kids are going to use it. Inevitably, they’re going to be searching the Internet — whether for school, out of necessity, because they’re bored or maybe out of sheer curiosity. So it only makes sense for us parents to want to separate the greatness the Internet has to offer from the garbage — and that’s where a kid-friendly search engine like Thinga comes in.

Thinga offers kids a safe starting point for their Internet adventures. What makes Thinga safe for kids is a combination of a curated, walled-garden approach that is fully COPPA compliant. Unlike Google, which features a sterile page with a simple text box, Thinga offers a bright visual experience with lots of interesting content suggestions right under the search box.

That means that Thinga will be a great destination for kids whether they know what they are looking for or not. Yes, Thinga has some of that all-important entertainment value that kids and parents both crave at some point.

Aside from searching, Thinga offers up the following categories (each packed with suggested content): video, cool, animals, entertainment, learn and life. From a video of Jedi kittens to a peek at the history of the automobile to GIFs of tigers and slideshows of bears taking baths, there’s plenty of visually rich and mentally enriching content.

I really like how Thinga is part destination and part search engine. The Boom landing page is an online magazine for kids that looks very well done (and costs $4 a month, though you can get a free trial issue).

I’m really glad someone is taking kid’s content this seriously online. It’s not an afterthought and there’s no doubt about it: Thinga is probably THE best website for kids right now.

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