This cool backpack charges your gadgets (Coalition Federal P Smartpack review)

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I admit it: I’m a backpack-aholic. That’s because backpacks aren’t just utilitarian: they also dip into the category of fashion. Like shoes or hats, backpacks are accessories that help define and show off personalities. But unlike other accessories, they help us accomplish something: hauling our stuff from Point A to Point B to Point C and back again. But I’ve never seen a backpack that was more useful on an everyday basis for a millennial guy like me than the Federal P Smartpack from CO.ALITION. Oh, and it looks DOPE!


The Federal P Smartpack doesn’t just store your gear: it charges it too. That’s thanks to the included Joey power pack that conveniently lives in a built-in compartment in the left-hand side of the main storage area of the backpack.

What’s cool about this setup is that the battery pack never needs to be removed. You can charge it from an outlet using the included cord and USB wall adapter which both tuck neatly back into their own zippered pouch. I love that I will never lose this cord or have to try to keep track of which one it is in the sea of cables I’m already drowning in.

Once your Joey is all charged up, using it to charge your USB devices is a cinch. Just plug them in to the USB port and go. For added awesomeness, you can thread the USB cable through to the tech compartment (more on that shortly).

There’s also a handy trio of lights on the Joey which let you know how much juice you’ve got left so you’ll never be left in the lurch.

The entire battery pack comes pre-stowed in such a way that you will never have to remove it — or even mess around with it. All you’ll ever need to do is keep it topped-off.



I am loving the storage options on this backpack. I say that as a person who has owned more backpacks than the keys on your keyboard. Too many backpacks either lack an appropriate amount of storage areas or make them too hard to get to. The Federal P Smartpack remedies both situations to offer what I would honestly consider the perfect amount of accessible, useful storage. Here’s what I mean.

There are three storage areas in this backpack: a smaller outer compartment (for storing things like phones, smaller Moleskine ...

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