This Is DEFINITELY The Most Creative YouTube Video In Years

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YouTube recently turned 10 years old and while there is a good amount of interesting content (see our top 100 YouTube channels of 2015 list), it can’t be said that there’s really anything truly new, creatively speaking. The same types of content have been showcased on YouTube for years: how-to, let’s play, haul, vlog, list, music, explainer, beauty, science and other types of videos have become commonplace… and to a degree, a bit boring.

But the video below, titled Golden Touch, is different. Way different. It’s “interactive” in a way. You can’t actually control things in the video, but it gives that illusion. It’s an incredible feat of creativity and imagination, not to mention execution, and it’s already racked up over 4 million views.

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The concept is simple: hold your finger in the middle of the video on your screen and the objects in the video “react” to it.

Definitely worth a watch:

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